Price of Windows 8 Pro Operating System

Microsoft has decided to reduce the maximum line of operating systems, Windows 8 are limited to three versions only, and we now know the company’s plans in regard to pricing based on the top version of the OS, Windows 8 Pro.

Windows 8 Pro

Earlier, the company has already announced that the upgrade to the new operating system from Windows 7, Vista and even XP will be only $ 40, but it is talking about the online solution. Retail copy of the package would be more expensive. According to The Verge, to January 31, 2013 version of the upgrade to Windows 8 Pro on optical media will be available for $ 70 in the program to promote the new platform. Then the price will increase to $ 100.
If the user does not have a previous version of Microsoft’s operating system mentioned above, the complete installation package for Windows 8 Pro will pay $ 200 (1620 USD). There will also be able to update to version Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, but the price of such initiatives have no information. In the sale of a new operating system from Microsoft will come on October 26 in 131 countries, stay tuned for more updates.

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