Problems with some batches of Google Nexus 7

With the short time the tablet made jointly by Google and Asus, the Google nexus 7 , has already received several negative reviews on the operation of the screen.

Nexus 7 problems

These criticisms have been published by users in some forums and websites.

Among the problems discussed those affected, the most common are broken pixels and screens looses (your frame). To our knowledge, the manufacturer has not responded on these incidents.

Some users of forums, in response to incidents which have submitted those affected, possible solutions have sent through some forums, and to correct problems of Nexus 7.

These solutions highlight the simple solution to tighten the screws holding the screen attached to the device.

Besides, users have any problems with the screen of your new tablet I can share with other users concerned with identifying the name of alignment.

Although the truth if I were one of the unfortunate, not try to fix it myself as well as losing the warranty. So I advise you to do better under the warranty and the manufacturer takes over, it has said to be held responsible for the repair of the affected devices.

By the time the manufacturer of the Nexus 7, Asus , has not said anything about it in order to respond to customer complaints, but also do not know the magnitude of the problem, do not know if it is a problem of many or only a lot.

Although not all bad, have heard very good reviews after launch and several commentators have suggested that these defective units could come from a single batch.

In late June this year we knew the official news of the launch of Google Nexus 7.

Asus was the manufacturer chosen for the tablet and Jelly Bean Android operating system version that would bring built a great choice.

Asus, described the device as a terminal designed primarily to listen to watch video, play music, read books and magazines and play with applications and games with great fluidity.
The tablet was for sale last week in U.S. and now is dead and because of this lawsuit Google has stopped taking orders for the model of 16 GB.

The truth is that as manufacturer as Asus is attached with Google tablet, so you would not worry much, as surely Asus will take care of everything, but hopefully this problem is in a single batch of Nexus 7 and not many units.

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