Project Mozilla Boot to Gecko was renamed Firefox OS and supported by mobile operators

The Mozilla project to create HTML5-smartphone OS, known as the Boot to Gecko, is gradually gaining momentum. Thus, the developer gave it’s a name of the official Firefox OS. In addition to the Brazilian Telefónica’s Vivo it was supported by several mobile operators, according to AllThingsD.

Firefox OS

While the major market players of mobile platforms are trying to get away from the common standards in favour of proprietary solutions due to their higher efficiency, Mozilla is actively working on a universal operating system, to the maximum using HTML5. Any software within the operating system is built in based on this technology, including applications for making calls, dialling and sending SMS, and others.
In the past, Apple tried to implement a similar approach to third-party applications on iOS, but experience has proved unsuccessful. The second example – the official client is Facebook for iOS, which many people jokingly called the most “brake” the application for this platform. The problem in the technology of HTML5, which is built on the basis of a program that has been done for the sake of compatibility with other platforms, the client (version for Android is not much different from iOS-version). The technology is good, but the program was too complex to effectively implement it using HTML5.

But Mozilla has a plan. The Company does not intend to compete with the market and with their top-end products. It aims at low cost smartphones and emerging markets, wishing to attract users who have had affairs with such devices. This is a huge field of activity, which Mozilla will be treated with Brazil in early 2013. At the moment, Firefox OS supported mobile operators are such as Deutsche Telekom, Smart, Sprint, Telecom Italia, Telefónica, Telenor and Etisalat.


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