Qeexo FingerSense touchscreen display with acoustic sensor

Currently, most mobile devices use touchscreen, based on capacitive technology. These displays provide the best user experience. However, the developers did not stop there and try to continue to improve touch screens. In this case we are talking about FingerSense.

Thus, the company Qeexo developed a new technology called FingerSense, which involves equipping touchscreen additional small acoustic sensors. This sensor detects the vibration at the time of contact with the display of objects and, therefore, defines the differences between them. As a result, the touchscreen can recognize how different touch the fingertips and knuckles. This would allow, for example, use the touch knuckles in analog click the right mouse button. In addition, the technology FingerSense allows the differences between the materials that are in contact with the surface of the touch screen. This allows the implementation of touch input without direct contact of the fingertip to the display. For example, it can be used to enter a stylus or fingernail. If different parts made of different materials, they can perform a variety of actions: one end of the input information (draw), a second end – delete information. This provides support for multi touch, which can detect multiple touches simultaneously.

This was all regarding the all new FingerSense technology create by Qeexo for touchscreen devices using a acoustic sensor.

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