Really Cheap 3D TV, TCL 32E4300, 39E4300 & 42E4300: Review & Specs

The TCL 32E4300, 39E4300 & 42E4300 are Full HD Smart TV which comes with really cheap price and moreover the main prize is its passive 3D. These Smart TVs are complete but just lacks the Wi-Fi.

TCL 32E4300

If you are looking for a 32inches or 39” or 42 inches 3D TV for Christmas then these models from TCL E4300 series are perfectly suited to the situation as all of these TCL 32E4300, 39E4300 & 42E4300 comes with a great offer price.

This TCL – Chinese brand, which also sells its TVs under the brand Thomson, also continues its forcing the entry-level series E4300. These three TCL 32E4300, 39E4300 & 42E4300 Smart TVs comes with Edge LED and respectively has screen sizes: 32, 39 and 42 inches.
Pretty thin and Full HD resolution

All of three TCL 32E4300, 39E4300 & 42E4300 3D TVs have the edges ultrathin design, intended to provide a larger image. Moreover it promises a bit exaggerated, since the display surface is little or bow the same edges are thin or not. What is more important is the native resolution. Thus only TCL 39E4300 & 42E4300 respectively 39 inches & 42” models are HDTV. The 32 inches supports 720p HD display.

Cheap but sophisticated

TC has relied on NetRange portal that offers a string of applications including YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Twitter, TuneIn, but also games online, VoD, the catch-up TV News, weather, traffic information, etc..

No Wi-Fi unfortunately in these entry level TVs TCL 32E4300, 39E4300 & 42E4300. Internet connection should be done in wired Ethernet. TCL has, however, provided the compatibility HDTV and DLNA TVs that allow playing multimedia platforms and access content on the network. There is also a USB 2.0 port for recording and pause programs DTT, and read the contents of a USB flash drive or a hard drive for example. Finally, note that the 42-inch TCL offers more than passive 3D (3D called Envoy) and provides several pairs of polarized glasses. What is interesting in TCL, it is obviously the price since TCL 32E4300, 39E4300 & 42E4300 proposed are 299 Euros, 399 Euros & 549 Euros respectively.

+Connected services
+3D passive

-The image quality

This was all about the cheap 3D TVs TCL 32E4300, TCL 39E4300 & TCL 42E4300 HDTV so stay tuned for more updates.


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