Reasons to upgrade or not to Windows 8

WThe debate is open and the new Microsoft operating system will surprise a few. Is it worth upgrading a PC with Windows 7? Will Windows 8 Will a new Vista against Apple in the tablet industry? Are you too focused on touch devices versus desktop use? Is it a Windows 7 improved? Will Windows 8 boost PC market? Is it appropriate for professionals and companies?

Windows 8

As you know, marks the usual cycle of Microsoft operating systems and the launch of Windows 8 is scheduled for October 26 and with it a lot of models from all segments, sizes and prices.

Have no doubt about it, Microsoft still has massive support from industry and despite some reviews there will not OEM equipment put on the market with Windows 8. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, estimated at 500 million users of Windows 8 in late 2013 and the Windows key to maintain market shares above 90 percent in consumer operating systems are equipment manufacturers.

Naturally, it is easy to imagine that a user pays a whopping 300 euros, it costs the retail version of Windows 7. And that is one of the areas in which it has improved Windows 8 with cheapest retail version, also upgrading from older operating systems and more likely after EULA changes that will allow for the first time user to install and run on an old computer or new private construction, the same OEM license that Microsoft offers manufacturers.

Moving on, the internal number of Windows 8 is Windows 6.2 indicating that the level variations are minimal kernel architecture. Its biggest news coming from a clear focus and tablet sector support touchscreens, which adds to the special version of Windows for ARM processors, RT and it is aimed to use in electronic tablets.

The result will be wrong, or not, but the reasons are obvious. The tablet is cannibalizing the traditional PC market. Some analysts expect sales in 2012 to 110 million units and the informal sector has only just warm expecting a warm autumn with the arrival of economic models with Android and the Nexus of Google, Microsoft Surface themselves, models with Windows 8 and Windows RT and to top the unconfirmed Apple iPad Mini.

Apple is already the world’s largest seller of PCs if you include tablets as do consulting as Canalys. And do not think that this fact has gone unnoticed in Redmond when designing its new operating system even if the source of some of the reviews.
Let them also with the reasons to move to Windows 8 on the basis of some entries BetaNews and considerations themselves after trying the free trial version of Windows 8 Enterprise.

Reasons to upgrade to Windows 8

Windows 8 Operating System Metro Style

Improved startup times
Measured from a cold boot to a usable state, login and desktop, thanks to native support UEFI and that in the first tests of performance testing versions of Windows 8. The improvement extends to boot from sleep modes hibernating the kernel.

Refresh / Reset
New feature that allows Windows to reset factory settings, useful in case of a malware infection or if you want a clean system. Refresh maintains user profiles, data and applications. Reset is more radical and erases all personal files and applications and change the settings of the PC with the defaults.

File History
New backup function that combines several tools like Windows Backup files and protect against corruption or unwanted changes. Similar to Apple’s Time Machine and Shadow Copies derivative present from Windows Server 2003, monitors common places, such as libraries and the desktop, and when it detects a change in a file, it automatically performs a backup in the place of your choice, including on a network or cloud with SkyDrive. This is a simple tool for Microsoft has changed the approach, since only protect personal files that are of real importance to the user, instead of protecting the operating system or the entire storage unit, a feature that may followed by performing with the application of ‘backup’ also included in Windows 8.

Windows Defender
Microsoft has expanded by adding security features natively and not as additional installation Antivirus Security Essential (MSE), formed by the Windows Defender anti-spyware, firewall and parental control one security suite on Windows 8 . It is basic but free.

Synchronizing your Windows account
Linking accounts to Microsoft in the operating system means that all applications and preferences can be saved in the cloud and synced to other devices running Windows 8.

Improved file management
When you copy or move a file in Windows 8, it will offer you a graph showing the transfer speed and estimated completion periodically updated. The copying many files are centralized and stacked in the same window.

Windows 8 includes Hyper-V hypervisor, confirming that the new OS has the largest virtualization support in a consumer client version of the history of the company. A powerful replacement for the Virtual PC that lets you run one or more sets of 32 or 64 bits at a time on the same computer through a virtual machine. Hyper-V allows virtualization support for systems with more than four processing cores and supports VHDX virtual disk sizes up to 16 Tbytes.

Storage Spaces
New RAID software that helps protect against disk failure and that allows you to mount any hard disk to increase storage capacity and get redundant backups. Includes 2-way format that keeps two copies of the files and can handle disk failures, while the 3-way makes three copies of the files and can handle two hard errors.

Obviously there are many more new features and improvements, some as relevant as the above and added to the assessment. The list:
– New Internet Explorer 10
– Native support for USB 3.0 interface
– Improved Task Manager
– Improved multi-monitor support.
– Support for 16-bit applications
– Improved time management errors on NTFS volumes
– Support for Dolby audio technology Digital Plus
– Improving the graphics 2D and 3D.
– Fewer versions which helps the choice of consumers and businesses
– Native support ISO and VHD files.
– No Minimum hardware requirements increase over Windows Vista and Windows 7
– More efficient use of RAM
– Windows Application Store App Store
– No more torture of F8

This was all about that you should upgrade to Windows 8 or not and above written information has guided you through.

Reasons not to upgrade to Windows 8

Obligation to boot into Metro
The interface was designed to be the star of Windows 8 is the main source of criticism. Metro works great on Windows Phone smartphones and so will assume electronic tablet for its approach to touch panels but for many users is completely useless let alone for professionals and businesses. Worst comes to having to go by Metro necessarily at startup. There are third party tools and methods to skip that worked with previous versions but cost much that Metro was optional?

Elimination of Aero
Microsoft has removed Aero to get a desktop “clean and fresh”. Many miss the transparencies in the toolbar or window edge; thumbnail preview minimizes applications in the taskbar, windows automatically adjust to move left and right or 3D views of the same, and so on. The ground is also the use of unnamed Metro to a Windows guru Paul Thurrott and defines it as flat and boring. The issue is that it saves battery and this is a very important aspect for laptops and tablets.

Removing the Start Menu and implementation of Charm Bar
Microsoft has also removed the Home button around since Windows 95, Microsoft said it “brings together a set of solutions that today are very disparate and poorly integrated.” In return, Microsoft has implemented the Charm Bar, a sidebar without many features retractable, with higher learning curve and doing some complicated simple operation, and shutdown. Is it a matter of getting used? In addition, Microsoft tries to solve the issue with shortcuts and no third party tools to return the start menu to the desktop but nothing to do with Windows 7 already jumping Metro interface. Another change is the elimination of desktop gadgets.

Windows 8 is not much faster than Windows 7

Although Microsoft said the vast improvements in the graphics 2D and 3D made in Windows 8, the improvements are not as significant as expected. Especially significant are the analyzes that say that Windows 8 is not faster than Windows 7 in games and remember the importance of the first entertainment industry. The new Direct X 11.1 bookstores now are useless because there are no games that support it.

Windows 8 Store not important or mature
The online application store tools specifically designed for under the new interface in the style of existing Apple or Google for mobile devices running iOS or Android, is simply irrelevant to the thousands of existing applications to “Windows desktop”.

Windows Defender
The new suite of security in Windows 8 is no substitute for a suite of specialized provider. It integrates with the Windows firewall itself and only provides ‘basic protection’, indicating that not reach the level of protection of commercial software including free one.

Lock installation difficulties or other operating systems. A new function implemented in the motherboards with Windows 8 with UEFI and prevent (in some cases) the installation of other operating systems. Microsoft explains it as an ‘increased security’ to prevent the injection of malware in the boot process and the fight against piracy. However, it prevents the user freedom to install alternative systems in his brand new computer that has paid religiously. Is likely that some Linux distributions ‘buy’ the certificate installed to technical and Linux Foundation are at it.

Killswitch in Windows 8
A lesser known function but allows Microsoft the remote wipe applications. It is the first time that Microsoft has implemented in one of its operating systems a Killswitch for which you can turn off completely even remotely remove an application installed on a PC with Windows 8. Something similar to what you can do in the Google Android Market. Of course, this is limited to Killswitch downloaded applications from Windows Store which does not avoid conflicts with user privacy.

Microsoft account required
Windows 8 offers two authentication methods, one using a local account and the second building on a Microsoft. The only way to get access to all the functionality of Windows 8 is the use of the latter. What if I want to use a Google Account? Then you’ll run all functions such as Windows Store only works with a Microsoft.

The cloud hosting service is integrated into Microsoft’s Windows 8 and has great potential in various applications of the system. What if I already use or have already paid for a Google Account Drive, Dropbox or other provider? No support and as in the previous case you can not use all the features of Windows 8.

There are some other things but so far arrived. You know that you can test the system for ninety days by Windows 8 Enterprise trial. And now that you have ample information touches you participate by answering the questions we proposed and comment as you please: Is it worth upgrading a PC with Windows 7? Will Windows 8 Will a new Vista against Apple in the tablet industry? Are you too focused on touch devices versus desktop use? Is it a Windows 7 improved? Will Windows 8 boost PC market? Is it appropriate for professionals and companies?


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