Researchers have created a self-charging battery

A team of researchers from Georgia Tech has developed a new type of battery that can recharge itself thanks to some user action. Yes, you have read it right the self-charging battery.

self-charging battery

It is noted that, as a rule, renewable energy technologies include two distinct processes: the production of energy (using resources such as solar, wind, etc.) and storage of energy (with batteries). Always these two processes are performed in two separate devices. The first process involves converting any form of energy into electrical energy, and the second process converts electrical energy into chemical energy with the ability to reverse the conversion. Researchers from Georgia Tech were able to combine these processes in a single device. Moreover, the assurances of developers this approach is implemented for the first time in the world. The developed device, there are processes of energy generation and storage. However, in the course of its work is excluded from the usual stages of a renewable energy technology. In this case, the duty cycle is excluded intermediate stage, which involves the production of electrical energy. Thus, the device allows you to convert energy directly to mechanical stress into chemical energy. As a result, demonstrated the device is a hybrid energy generator and batteries, that is, is a self-charging battery.

This result was achieved through the introduction of some changes in the lithium-ion battery. Thus, the separator electrodes were replaced on the film polivinilidendiftorida through which the piezoelectric properties and a process of charging, even with a slight pressure and without the need to sum an external voltage. This was all about the recently developed self-charging battery, stay tuned for more updates.


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