Review of Monitor AOC i2353

AOC i2353 looks very unusual – rarely used now in a silver colour finish base, legs and the front panel, pointed out a thin screen (less than 1 cm in the thickest part, and no significant swelling there is no – in the back we see almost perfectly smooth glossy black plastic with no any connectors or other elements). The frame around the screen – aluminium, with a faint touch of mechanical processing, giving it an interesting texture oriented horizontally. As at the rear, the front is no government there – one can see a discreet logo AOC (not even the name of the model).

AOC i2353 display

Leg with removable screen, out of the box, AOC i2353 monitor comes with the stand, which is also unusual, especially in the light of other budget monitors. Foot allows you to change only the angle of the screen – no change of height or rotation around its axis is not here. The design is very rigid, the screen sits “like a glove” – shake it will not work.
As already mentioned, the there are no controls on the display – they are on stand and obscure in the form of the touch panel 5 buttons, nothing (except signs) are not allocated on the background of the case. The indicator is also included in the stand – the transparent front part of the rim glows blue (during operation) or red (standby) light.


In addition, in AOC i2353, there are all connectors – 2 x HDMI, D-Sub and audio. Please note – DVI port on this model is not present, and if your PC does not output HDMI, have to be connected via an adapter to use a special cable or HDMI-DVI. Due to the fact that the video is not connected to the rear of the display and the stand, the monitor will not be able to move up against the wall – would interfere with the connectors. This, of course, a minor drawback, but with a shortage of working space on the table can create a palpable discomfort. In addition, the base has two small speaker with a capacity of 2 W each – they sound softly on the sound quality for obvious reasons, however.

AOC i2353

In AOC i2353 monitor, it is possible to mount on the wall (VESA 100×100), and a very unusual way. In fact, it’s proprietary “feature” of the model, which we previously did not have anywhere else to see – rather than to unfasten the cradle mounted to the wall and the “naked” screen, the AOC i2353 display “sum” to the flat state, and hung on the wall with the foot (for mounting connectors are found in it).

Touch-sensitive buttons to shortcut menu, ClearVision, adjust volume and switch video inputs. In addition, they also serve, and to navigate the main menu to invoke the extreme right button (in the absence of textual notation is difficult to understand the difference between a screen icon with two arrows and icons on the screen and the three stripes have to experiment).

Inside AOC i2353 monitor

In AOC i2353 monitor, uses eIPS-matrix LG LM230WF3-SJC1 diagonal of 23″ and 1920×1080 pixels display. The claimed response time is 5ms (GtG).

The menu is available have different settings including brightness, contrast, select one of three values of gamma, color temperature (sRGB, warm / normal / cool and user) as well as switching display modes (text, web, standard, sports, games, movies). The menu is not very easy to use, especially frustrating inability to quickly switch modes, or at least change the brightness of the image.
The value of the static contrast ratio from AOC i2353 is large enough – 983:1. The minimum brightness of this model is low frankly, that pleases – only 48 cd / m ². Max, however, too small – 166 cd / m ² (however, for the average user, and this value will be too much). The uniformity of illumination at a brightness of 100% based on the results of measurements on nine points was 92%, which can be considered a good indicator (a little brighter, compared with an average level, the spot is located almost exactly in the center, with the naked eye can not see it).

AOC i2353

In the AOC i2353 monitor, surface of the matte screen, respectively, have the effect of the crystal, but there is not too much. With increasing angle in the horizontal plane of the brightness decreases slightly and uniformly in the vertical – with a deviation of up to 45 degrees reducing the brightness of a serious, with a further deviation of the brightness increases slightly. Also, the angle becomes noticeable purple – however, quite insignificant.


In terms of image quality AOC i2353 monitor nothing is fundamental against other budget models eIPS-matrix is the same – good color rendition, wide viewing angles to the expected deterioration of picture quality with strong deviations from the central position. The price of a traditional well – currently it is around $ 200. On other models it features an unusual design: silver color now – a rarity, plus the stand, though has only one degree of freedom is also advantageous as simplistic designs from other monitors.

Pros of AOC i2353 monitor:

+ Reasonably good quality images
+ Unique design
+ Reasonable price

Cons of AOC i2353 monitor:

– No DVI-input
– not the most user-friendly menu

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