Revives the series AMD Athlon and Sempron for Socket FM2

AMD microprocessors revive brands Semprom Athlon II and new models for FM2 socket, designed to build desktop units on the market.

AMD Athlon II and Sempron

AMD confirms previous rumours in a support document that explains the time to market of new processors that use the new processor cores Piledriver and basic architecture of the Trinity APU but in this case without integrated graphics .

The new Athlon II and Sempron would be between 1 and 2 modules Piledriver (two or four physical processing cores), endure instructions SSE4.1, SSE4.2, AES, FMA, FMA4, AVX, AVX 1.1, BMI and others, two FPU 128-bit memory controller and dual channel DDR3-1866 up.

We assume that would be in the market in October as the APU Trinity and with the arrival of the socket plates FM2. They should be (and probably will be) very economical to separate models of the FX-Bulldozer and as an alternative to the APU by not having integrated graphics.

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