Rooting Andriod could cause havoc: Know more about it

There are many tech savvy users out there who like to develop rooting methods that gives them better control over their phones. The phone carrier and hardware manufactures won’t give all the controls in the hands of the users, forcing the users to contact them in case of alteration and modification of some of the system settings.

What is Rooting?

Rooting, which is equivalent of jailbreaking (for Apple devices), is a process of attaining root access of the Android operating system code, resulting in ability to change the system application settings, or run your specialized applications without the need of having administrator rights to perform these operations. Various tasks that Android users can perform using rooting methods include downloading of apps even if those are not posted on app store, get the latest version updates for your Android by yourself from the manufacturers site, customize all themes and graphics on your Andriod, etc.  Rooting can also allow users to completely remove the device’s operating system and replace it.

Andriod Rooting

Risks involved in Rooting:

Although rooting gives freedom for users to perform the tasks on their own but poses many risks as well.  For security reasons the manufactures don’t want users to make modifications to the phones which could damage the phones applications and OS beyond repair. It is easy to get manufacturers services. As there are advantages, there are many disadvantages also of the rooting process. If you do the rooting process improperly it can create havoc. You can risk the mobile security.

Does Rooting Impact Warranty?

If the rooting process is not properly followed, the phone software will be damaged and  the phone will be of hardly any use. By accessing the root of the phone the manufacturers warranty becomes void and the damage repair will not be covered under warranty. Even if you do the rooting process properly but you do not have the proper antivirus software on your Android, it will be a home for all the malwares.  That means viruses, spyware and Trojans can infect the root Android software. It could be through downloads or virus infected applications downloaded from non reputed app store.

We at Techjaibreak do not advice or recommend our readers to user rooting and risk you phone. In case you still decide to go for it, the best is to take an expert advice on various forums and careful decision for your own mobile security. You must install proper antivirus protection on your Android phone before rooting the device

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