Safe Mode on the latest version of Android Jelly Bean v4.1

After an each passed day we see many more features and improvements in our smartphones, and each of these improvements makes the user experience seems increasingly to using an ordinary computer.

safe mode in Android

And it seems, that Google have a special interest in this regard and that the user experience should be unique and therefore have introduced a feature in Jelly Bean, very new in these devices but we had been seeing for some time on the computer and this is safe mode in Android.

What is safe mode in Android?

Those who are more familiar with computer use, whether you use Windows or Linux or another operating system, certainly know the concept of safe mode but only what you heard. Safe mode is a second start mode in which the system will only load the system and its basic services, so we have a facility, which operates more easily proven to perform some maintenance tasks like for example virus scanning and many others. It is apparent that the latest version of Android Jelly Bean, thus incorporates previously existed but it was very chaotic, as each manufacturer implemented as wanted. The good news is that, Android Jelly Bean possesses the safe mode.


In our smartphones and tablets safe mode serves to turn the device and start only those programs that are installed on the system partition and the system itself, so that when you boot it comes up and this can be very helpful to us if we doubt that our device is damaged, whether the system is failing or an application is creating a conflict.

Activate safe mode in Android?

Actually, this is the real novelty is that it seems that Google, in its struggle to unify the Android environment in their new versions as Jelly Bean included as a characteristic of the system, and not as a hardware dependent.

The activation system in this new way is a little Easter egg that have been introduced into the system, reset the phone and that works very simply: we must first press the power button until we get the shutdown menu in the device. When this appears just have to select the shutdown option, and click on it. When we do, we will tell the phone to be restarted in safe mode and it will ask you to confirm. So, now you can enjoy safe mode in Android device and enjoy more flexibility.

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