Sales of Windows 8, well below expectations of Microsoft

Not yet completed a month since the launch of Windows 8, and news about the acceptance of the new desktop operating system from Microsoft are not entirely clear.

Windows 8 Sales

Just a week after the launch, the Steve Ballmer could not hide his optimism before the reception of the new version. In the words of the CEO of Microsoft, the start had been “dramatic” and “very high acceptance.”

In fact, the figures offered by Ballmer at the time were 4 million updates in three days and a 20% increase in notebook sales during the launch weekend.

However, recent data are known, which should clarify, not official but seem to have sufficient reliability for key technological means Americans their consideration, indicate a very different situation.

As has emerged from “the most trusted sources within Microsoft,” the software giant’s expectations are not looking for anything accomplished. Moreover, it is said that sales of new computers with Windows 8 are disappointing, “well below the company’s internal forecasts.”

It also says that from Microsoft, for now, throw balls out, arguing that it is the manufacturers who are showing their “inability to sell.” This was all regarding the sales of Windows 8.

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