Samsung 64GB eMMC modules based on 10 nm process: Specs & Features

Samsung introduced the memory modules Samsung 64 GB eMMC, differs from its predecessor as the reduced size, and increased productivity. To achieve this manufacturer managed through the use of standards process 10-nm-class. An interesting fact is that the modules eMMC previous generation company started producing only in August this year and just a few months has developed a new manufacturing process to produce a better product.

Samsung 64GB eMMC


Samsung 64 GB eMMC Novelty refers to the family of eMMC Pro Class 2000 and the performance is significantly superior storage eMMC Pro Class 1500 of the same volume with the interface eMMC 4.5, and in size – 20% smaller. It is declared yield on write operations and read-access up to 2000 IOPS and 5000, respectively (1500 and 3500 IOPS predecessor). In turn, the data rate in sequential read 26 MB / s and write is 260 and 50 MB / s, respectively (compared to 140 and 50 MB / s in eMMC Pro Class 1500).

New modules are focused on the use in tablets, smart phones and other portable equipment, though the official standard interface for them is not yet approved. Samsung plans to file an application to JEDEC next year. This was all regarding the Samsung 64GB eMMC.

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