Samsung DDR4 memory shown at IDF

At IDF 2012, Samsung Electronics has shown wafers, modules and roadmap for the commercialization of the next generation computer memory Samsung DDR4 memory.

Samsung DDR4 memory

DDR4 is an evolution of the current DDR3, with major advances in performance and slight decrease in energy consumption, but incompatible with them physically, so it will require new motherboards to accommodate these memories.

The module shown by Samsung is a 16-Gbyte RDIMM capacity to 2133 MHz although it is expected that commercial modules speeds reach 3.2 GHz. The Korean giant has also submitted a 300-mm wafer chip manufactured using processes 30 nanometers indicating that production could begin at any time.

Samsung DDR4 memory

Not so according to the roadmap shown and indicates that the new generation of computer memory will not be marketed until 2014. This was all about Samsung DDR4 memory which will replace present DDR3 in future.

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