Samsung EX2F a good compact expert, but still not enough: Review & Specs

Good photo quality and very well built, the Samsung EX2F is a good compact expert. But it suffers from competition from Sony, at the quality of the sensor, and Panasonic, which are much better in optics.

Samsung EX2F

Generally good level of image quality and manufacturing, this camera suffers from fierce competition.

The promise

Samsung EX2F

After a first compact expert Samsung EX1 rather successful, Samsung has taken its time to develop a new version in a segment where the renewal is it true, much slower than in the other categories (bridges, ultrazooms, etc.).. Samsung EX2F called (“F” meaning that it is Wi-Fi), it does not take over compact electronic element of predecessors and tries to legitimize a little more presence from the Korean manufacturer in the world of photography.


Samsung EX2F

Exit the CCD, hello to CMOS! If you are not keen on high-tech, this means that Samsung is aligned with other technologically of compactness and prefers the new generation of image sensor (CMOS), famous for its greater sensitivity in dull lights. Samsung EX2F Sensor has modest number of megapixels (12MP), but the trend devices “expert / pro.” Here, it is especially the physical size of the sensor, the quality of the optics and image processing that count.

Mounted proper ISO

If the camera has a sensitivity range extending to 6400 and ISO 12800 (Jpeg only), it’s best not to push at these levels, because the result is more porridge than anything else. Especially since the limit is rather meet ISO 1600, reducing this value a lot of details, but always maintaining the correct colors. The white balance is good, which confirms the turn taken a year ago by the brand: the yellow / orange in some lighting is well compensated, but the dominance is maintained. If the shots are good for sensor size (1/1.7 inches), yet the dominant device in the category: Sony RX100. With its large sensor 1 inch, it delivers image quality closer to that of reflex compact small sensor like this Samsung EX2F.
An optical light, but not enough

Samsung EX2F was tested in parallel with the Panasonic Lumix LX7, two devices that occupy exactly the same segment and share mostly the same aperture (F1.4) at wide-angle (25 mm). If the headlamps seem similar on paper, the Samsung is exceeded: the optical Panasonic is much piqued, more homogeneous, without vignetting or distortion in the corners, unlike Samsung, whose images are less accurate.

Very good build quality

The Samsung EX2F does not deny the expertise of Samsung in terms of manufacturing, acquired with the EX1. The manufacturer has made special care to buttons and knobs, whose touch is very reassuring. The display hinge is adjustable sturdy grip on the front wheel topped by a practice, pressure buttons provide clear.

Image processing is too slow

It takes 2 seconds for the unit to digest the recording of an image before you can fire again. It would not be much if Samsung was not completely absorbed by the task. The worst being the burst – 10 frames per second to a maximum of 10 shots – totally crippling the device. This slow image processing can be felt in handling general switching between modes PASM is announced via a home screen which again, stops the camera for a few tenths of a second. Despite these shortcomings, there cannot say that the compact is still slow, since the focus is quick (about 0.5 s), but it is less reactive than the competition. As for the video encoding quality is decent, but no more Sony and Panasonic are better in terms of fluidity and the microphones Samsung EX2F do not offer a very good sound or good spatialization. It is sufficient for the extra but nothing more.
Wi-Fi mode is embryonic

Samsung EX2F is not the first device to have Wi-Fi and applications (social networks, email, backup, etc.). Working properly, it can only be a little disappointed with the ergonomics. For Samsung, probably for reasons of cost, has not integrated touch screen, a condition almost indispensable when it comes to web and mail.
The verdict

Samsung has done a good job. Samsung EX2F is a camera expert that offers good results and excellent picture quality construction. Unfortunately for Samsung, Sony has set the bar so high in terms of image quality with its RX100 any other small sensor camera can match. The Panasonic LX7 also offers a better picture thanks to its superior optics. With such competition, Samsung EX2F cannot receive three stars out of five.

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