Samsung Ex2F compact Camera: Review & Specs

The compact camera market is advanced with -minded DSLR compete with more affordable price, is slowly being populated with interesting bets from the technological point of view, design … In this case we are talking about Samsung Ex2F camera.

Samsung Ex2F

Technical Specs:

Manufacturer: Samsung
Model: Ex2F
BSI CMOS Sensor 1/1.7″ 12.4 megapixel
Schneider-KREUZNACH Lens 24-80 mm
HD 1080p HD video recording at 30fps
112 x 62 x 29 mm
294 gram weight
Price 499 euros

Besides its powerful lens, Samsung Ex2F also features a CCD sensor 1/1.7 inches, slightly larger than the sensors less advanced compact camera that offers an effective resolution of 12.4 megapixels (up from here also to its predecessor the EX1). To increase light capture the CCD was installed using the wiring in the rear which together with the aforementioned optical Ex2F converted to one of the best compact in low light conditions.

Samsung Ex2F

The lens in Samsung Ex2F offers a 3.3X zoom with a focal range of 24 to 80 millimeters. Therefore, required to make the camera also one of the most versatile, from wide angle to zoom in quite effective. All this is joined (as is tradition in Samsung) an excellent three-inch AMOLED screen with wide possibilities of rotation to accommodate different shooting situations.

The exterior design of the camera has evolved over the EX1. Maintains extremely compact in size and provides a convenient and powerful enough access to all the dials and buttons more important, especially in the upper part. The layout of the controls on the back, however, can find something “crowded”. The overall driving experience is pretty good, although the configuration of some options require too much menu navigation.

Among the advanced features in Samsung Ex2F found highlights the possibility of capturing images and recording them in RAW format or ISO sensitivity range, from 80 to ISO 12,800 equivalent. Of course, when shooting in RAW the time between shots lengthens enough, especially if you do not have a memory card high speed.

Unlike its predecessor, the Samsung Ex2F offers continuous shooting mode that together with the features of the camera can take photos of action sports competitions as easily. Another difference is the ability to 1080p resolution video with stereo sound.

In regard to the use Ex2F is excellent, especially as SUV chamber. Is ready to make great pictures in any light conditions, more accurately grasp objects and people moving and shooting portraits with blurred background. Some care must be taken when shooting in as open as it is in danger of overexposing decision. The built-in digital filters can help in this case.

Another interesting feature of the camera is the ability to connect directly via WiFi and so instantly share the pictures taken. You can share photos on Facebook or Picasa or email them. It also lets you back directly to a wireless network connected PC or upload pictures to the cloud, all accessible by pressing the SMART LINK. By using the WiFi connection must be taken into account that battery consumption increases dramatically.

The image quality of the pictures taken by Samsung Ex2F is very good. As already noted the combination of optics and the sensor causes in most cases not necessary to use the flash \, even indoors. In any case, the built-in flash is not very powerful, but can be used as emergency fill light or dark photographs. The camera has a hot shoe for an additional flash installed. Although the Samsung Ex2F camera allows complete freedom in choosing the aperture and shutter speed, automatic shooting modes provide very good results.
The picture quality is very good, both in definition and in contrast. Sometimes surprises the high quality of the shots for a compact camera. Even with high numbers of ISO (up to 2400) does not note the presence of noise or aberrations in the image. The excellent image stabilizer and high shutter speed to equal lighting helps are very few occasions in those activities blur compared to its competition.

Overall and in conclusion the Samsung Ex2F has achieved something very difficult in the current scenario of compact cameras: stand out from the competition with unique features. The combination of the optical sensor and image stabilizer form a combination that satisfies fans seeking benefits, but they also bring any trouble to novice users who want to take great pictures in any situation. A hit that with a slightly lower price would put serious strain on the veteran competition. This was all about one of the best available compact cameras i.e. Samsung Ex2F.

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