Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 will be updated into Powerful hardware

Well for those who think, it seems that the hardware that was presented in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress has changed much to date, while the terminal may need another presentation, so that the device may occur in the month of August is this not the Galaxy note 2?

Galaxy Note 10.1
There may be the way the Galaxy Note 10.1 hardware has improved very significantly talking about the insertion of a processor of 1.4 GHz quad-core instead of two core at the same speed as stated in the beginning, also has doubled 1GB RAM which was thought to 2GB, which makes it the most powerful tablet to date and by far too strong some might say.

Optimization of hardware

The power is fine at first, you need powerful processors and lots of RAM to move very heavy programs such as games, video editors and a time when we are in Android, Android it works with the applications which fail to take anymore a few mb and where the biggest games do not reach the GB, to say nothing of the resources consumed that are sufficient for less powerful devices … So?

So I think Samsung is wasting a lot of power, it is true that we can run any application without problems, yes, but it is also true that we could do with lower specifications as well, and considering Google updates it is not necessary to run the large devices with latest versions (as Jelly Bean).

What is the solution?

We’ve said many times, the hardware must be adapted to the Software, you do not need monsters of power if all that power is not optimized. As much as it hurts in Apple devices have better optimization than Android, and are not super powerful.

If Samsung really adapt much power to propose and optimize the operating system then Apple would not have competition but sometimes it seems best selling larger numbers and many-core processor, which although greatly increase the power, not optimized.

The Galaxy Note 10.1 has many points in its favor of this data, as is the use of S-Pen and associated software that will delight users with precision and speed. But we all know that if Samsung is not making the most of your device, thanks to the Android community who is revealing info time to time.

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