Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Complete Review & Specifications

Giant screen, new features original pen, performance impact, slim the all new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has many strings to convince.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

In addition to a giant screen, the new smartphone-tablet phablet Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is distinguished by a power.

The promise

Samsung Galaxy Note 2
The success has met the Galaxy Note, Samsung is back with the second edition of its smartphone-tablet in mini format. Called Galaxy Note 2, this new model is distinguished by its even bigger screen, boosted equipment and new features.


At first glance, difficult to distinguish the Galaxy Note 2 Note to its predecessor. The design has not fundamentally changed and the use of plastic – good quality, it is true – is still required to reduce the weight of the mobile. For white models, we find the same shell pearl and silver strapping same way chrome.

Its more rounded shape like that of Galaxy S III and tablet longer but less wide, ensures a better grip on how the iPhone 5, while length. Galaxy Note 2 screen uses Super AMOLED technology which always appeals as much for its vivid colors and deep blacks. And despite brightness and resolution slightly lower than the Note, the display quality has been further improved.

Connectivity similar to that of Galaxy S III

To save space, the Galaxy Tab 2 has the micro SIM, but it retains the attractions of note with its removable battery and microSD card slot (up to 64GB), convenient to expand its internal memory 16 GB (with just over 10GB available for storage and installing applications).

Connectivity of Galaxy Note 2 remains the same with a headphone jack (3.5 mm) on the top and an outlet at the bottom MHL MicroUSB compliant mobile, to connect the smartphone to a TV via an adapter MHL / HDMI. For those who would have already bought such an adapter for a Note or any other smartphone dating a little, know that you will unfortunately reinvest in a new adapter: the same as the Galaxy SIII (which provides a reading in HD 1080p on the TV, against 720p previously).

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Power and Battery Backup of Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is equipped with the same quad-core processor as the Galaxy SIII (Exynos 4412 Samsung), but even faster (1.6 GHz against 1.4 GHz), Note 2 is the first smartphone released in with 2 GB RAM from Samsung. Suffice to say that the device has the respondent, even more than its cousin SIII. Moreover, to illustrate the ability of its new smartphone multitasking, Samsung has integrated the Pop Up Video, discovered on the SIII, which allows you to use your smartphone while continuing to watch a video, a small thumbnail.

In using performance measurement tools available on the Play Store, the results speak for themselves. AnTuTu with the Note 2 achieved a score above 13 600 against 12 500 for the SIII and 7141 only for the Note. And thanks to the 3100 mAh battery (combined with the know-how in the field of Samsung), this power does not affect the autonomy of mobile literally pulverizes its competitors in 3G network either on appeal or in surf video playback with 20 hours, 12 hours 30 and 12 hours. Forget to reload its camera one night will not be a problem.

Full multimedia functions and blameless

Multimedia side, the Galaxy Note 2 which runs the latest version of Android (Jelly Bean 4.1) complemented with the latest TouchWiz overlay of, does not disappoint. With its elder as an 8 megapixel sensor, it can shoot movies up to HD 1080p equally fluids and take pictures of a quality that is even higher.

It is in any case one that hound seems closer to the iPhone 5, in terms of performance picture, at least in automatic mode, without flash. Relatively powerful speaker sound quality in Galaxy Note 2 also exceeds that of the Note. As for the video player, it supports as usual most formats, WMV to XviD and until HD 1080p.

New functions with S-Pen stylus

Despite its excellent performance and interface among the most reactive fluids, Galaxy Note 2 may put off by its size standards. The smartphone cover, however a last asset in its game: its pen and new features specifically related to this pen. More ergonomic than the Note (a little thicker and less round, it is better in hand), it is housed in one location at the bottom of mobile. Unsheathe the applications that start automatically is devoted to such Note S for taking handwritten note or drawing. For the forgetful, it is even possible to set an audible alert indicating that went into forgetting his pen. With Galaxy Note 2, the handwriting is fast and fluid, much more attractive than the score already on this point.

Adds some features Samsung bluffing enough as the ability to easily insert in an email, a handwritten signature or extract web page selected pen. In the field of multimedia, Air View function provides the ability to preview the contents of a photo album simply approaching the stylus from the screen surface. It is also possible to annotate each photo in the gallery.

The verdict

This new model Samsung Galaxy Note 2 delivers exceptional performance in terms of power, autonomy and multimedia, but also impresses with its innovative features related to its stylus. Only the format similar to a mini-tablet cannot convince … It’s a matter of taste! This was all about the Galaxy Note 2 phablet whose price is around € 679.

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