Samsung Galaxy Note II goes official in Spain: Specs & Features

Today was the presentation day in Spain of the flagship model Galaxy Note II. The new generation of this device in a format between tablet and smartphone features numerous technical improvements that increase its power and autonomy, but also has significantly improved the management in developing the s-pen pointer that has evolved both in performance and new forms of use.

Galaxy Note II

The presentation has announced that the Galaxy Note II will be available from October 4 at the price of 659 euros. The presentation highlighted some of the features of the device and could be seen in its world premiere at the IFA: new quad-core processor, 5.5-inch screen and a new s-pen that offers new ways to use the Note, even without touching the screen with the stylus.

Samsung Galaxy Note II will come with an increased sensitivity of the pointer, ability to take screenshots at all times, to work with two screens at once and move elements from one to another … Other applications are educative, as the application of calligraphy Rubio Notebooks.

Galaxy Note II

Galaxy Note II will also be featuring business applications, such as the ability to manage and even sign documents, with the approval of law schools, which can offer some very interesting applications in many fields.

This was all about the presented Samsung Galaxy Note II, which will surely come with a bang.

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