Samsung Galaxy S Duos in similar style as Galaxy S III coming soon: Specs and Features

Samsung has revealed an upgraded version of Samsung Galaxy S and new version of this smartphone will support dual SIM and named as Samsung Galaxy S Duos simultaneously to use independently within the same terminal. This new smartphone has an appearance with a more than reasonable resemblance to the flagship Galaxy S III.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos

As mentioned above, in their external appearance is concerned, we will face a terminal with a more than reasonable compared to similar Galaxy S III. A smarphone with round shapes and materials, incorporating in its rear three menu buttons, options as well as the reverse. As for its physical specifications are concerned, Samsung Galaxy S Duos will be equipped with a total size of 4 inches to reach a maximum resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

At the rear, Samsung Galaxy S Duos smartphone will incorporate an acceptable resolution rear camera will total up to 5 megapixels. In addition, it will also incorporate a powerful flash LED. Note that in this case, the flash of the terminal will be located under the rear camera, not on their side as present on Galaxy S3. Moreover, this phone will also offer the possibility to make quality recordings in 720p. As we can see, is a simple camera while quite functional which can record video at a resolution more than acceptable.

Samsung Galaxy S Duos
Another important point, is the operating system of Samsung Galaxy S Duos. The new Galaxy S Duos will opt for the version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich android, but then it probably upgrade to version 4.1. Turning now to the motor terminal, this Samsung smartphone will opt for a processor Qualcomm of only one core to reach a total clocked 1Ghz. Complementing the processor, helping to manage tasks, together with a total 512MB of RAM. On the point of storage, internal memory is limited to a total of 4GB of capacity, but later it may be extended by inserting cards MicroSD up to a total of 32GB.

On the subject of connections, like most existing terminal, will support networks and 3G plus WI-Fi, Bluetooth and A-GPS as Samsung Galaxy S Duos incorporate these connectivity specs. Finally another important point to consider in the current terminals, their battery backup. Samsung’s new terminal will be powered by a battery with a total capacity of only 1500 milliamp. At present the price and release date of this new upcoming dual-SIM smartphone i.e. Samsung Galaxy S Duos is not yet reported by Samsung officially.


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