Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean update coming in October

As reported some time ago, Samsung is working on upgrading the operating system to Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) for some of its smart phones: Samsung Galaxy SII, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and the Galaxy Note 2. At that time it was known that the update will be available in 3-4 quarter.

Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III

Now, according to CNET, Samsung Galaxy S III first of these models get an upgrade to Android 4.1, it will be held in October. However, the exact release date of update is not yet known.

Recall the major changes implemented in the version of the operating system Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) is a high speed drawing graphics and responsiveness of the interface. The interface itself has also undergone some changes. In addition, the panel was updated alerts, a new window to send, which collects all the applications that can take a content, improved image galleries. Additionally, the application “Contacts” there is support for higher-resolution avatars; they can now be tightened profile in Google+. Well as a significant innovation in the Android 4.1 update has become a Google search and service Google Now. They are part of a single application, which replaced the standard search in Android.

So, lets see exactly when Samsung Galaxy S III will receive Jelly Bean update.

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