Samsung Galaxy S III suffered from supplies interruption of the components

Till now, Galaxy S III was very well received by the public. This unit has a strong interest of both consumers and key customer. Samsung – the largest mobile operators. Although, few negative effects have also associated with this popular gadget. Samsung has not calculated the demand and could not satisfy it at the start of sales due to disruption of supplies of components.

To some extent this is a pleasant problem, but analysts estimate the damage done by them in two million unsold units last month, as reported by Reuters.
For example, in Europe, Samsung has given fewer Galaxy S III than planned, and the American mobile operators generally have to wait for the first few weeks of supply. In addition, at the beginning of sales the dark blue model has been delayed. A lot of other rumours that why it happened but the source claims that the management of Samsung just does not satisfy the design, and half dark blue stoke has been sent to the scrap.

One of the analyst said Samsung is in a huge demand caught off guard, not because the company does not believe in their own products, but for the reason that it overestimated the competition in the market. In other words, in addition to iPhone and HTC One X is currently the flagship of the company to compete is no longer with anyone.

The Korean manufacturer is selected the correct time to launch Galaxy S III. New iPhone model is expected only in the autumn, and from the Android-devices are more or less interesting solution offered only to HTC, and in the near future no other major products are expected.

Samsung expects sales of the Galaxy S III at 10 million units for two months and no doubt about it. In Europe, the sales of Galaxy S III are lacking, and in the U.S. the first batch admitted last week, has already sold out. In the first quarter of this year, the Korean manufacturer has put 44.5 million smartphones in the market, and the second forecast is 50 million units, and an important role in this case plays the leader of a great success. In addition, according to Samsung, the problems with the supply of components have been solved.


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