Samsung Galaxy S IV: All you would like to see

Samsung Galaxy S IV: The truth is that Samsung is doing great with the mobile market, especially with Android, and also the Galaxy S2 was the motive of last year. And this year the Galaxy SIII is also very successful. And Galaxy is that the line of smartphone from Samsung which is attracting people from all around the globe. After the launch of Galaxy S III people are now expecting that Samsung will surely launch Samsung Galaxy S IV which will be the Galaxy S series upcoming beast.

Samsung Galaxy S IV
But despite the entire Galaxy S III has not been as we expected, we were somewhat dissatisfied and there is still much to do. So I leave here we would like to see for Samsung Galaxy S IV next year.

Samsung Galaxy S IV display

The display has been the main source of criticism, the Galaxy S II “has an incredible Super AMOLED Plus 4.3″ and SIII went to 4.8”. And there was a change of pixels increased from 217 to 326 respectively, to fight well against Apple’s Retina Display screen.

Honestly, the screen looks great, but loses vibrancy and color. But best of all, according to the company’s display will last longer, but we like to see it as the Samsung Galaxy S IV with a sharper resolution and alive.

Other improvements

Samsung Galaxy S IV

It would be nice to also incorporate Samsung projector as in the beam, and so project what we want in the wall of our own mobile and display eight-core capabilities and high definition. Imagine the faces of iPhone fans when projecting something in their faces. In addition, the Samsung S III has the processing power to run very good graphics and movies download Google Play. Although we also believe that an improvement in sound was not coming at all bad.

Samsung Galaxy S IV Battery

The truth is that we ask more and more battery backup. The 1650 mAh of S II is sufficient, but already, the 2100 mAh of S III is a breakthrough in batteries.

I think you can already use a very intensive, coming home with battery.
Although demand, could also bring the Motorola RAZR Maxx with 3300 mAh. Something with this battery, the Samsung Super large screen AMOLED and managing Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean in the best cases it is a good choice. So, Samsung Galaxy S 4 could have unbelievable battery backup.

Samsung Galaxy S IV design:

The plastic of the Galaxy has a lot to talk about, some say it very nice but that just looks like a toy, but it is also true that better withstand shocks. Still think a high end phone like this should not come in plastic.

A bit of glass like the iPhone 4S would not be bad, I would give it a more elegant and better.

In this, Samsung has to put the batteries.

Here it ends my list of things that could improve, some are a bit impossible but what seems to you? What they would like to incorporate the next Samsung Galaxy S IV?


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