Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini on the way now

As we know many things in life are a matter of size, and the phones are one of them. Recently, Samsung flagship Galaxy S III has broken many of the record of sales and demands and now Samsung has understood the advantage of Galaxy SIII and soon it will be launching Galaxy S3 Mini version to target the people who doesn’t want to keep a larger display smartphone in their pocket.

Galaxy S3 Mini

The Korean company Samsung has already started sending invitations for an event that will take place on October 11. The invitations written in German show a title that says:

“The size may be small”

“And so small can be great”

The assumptions lead to think that the company has decided that it is time to introduce the new Galaxy S3 Mini. This obviously is speculation but if we find the path that leads to both the Samsung Galaxy Mini or Galaxy Mini 2 sales and see that the output of S3 Mini was sung.

They have really been a hit, especially the first model deals helped by companies that offer low-priced, but for its size is one of the best compact midrange terminals, so no wonder the possible that the Galaxy S3 Mini, it is also, in addition we are looking forward to Jelly Bean (possible output version).

The fact that the logo out of the family Galaxy S also gives us many clues, but obviously we do not know anything certain until the day of the event.

What we can actually do? That wait for October 11 to bring us the news, that it would be really Galaxy S3 Mini or some other smartphone.

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