Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature Adonis Exynos Chipset: Specs & Features

Now it has been confirmed that Samsung Galaxy S4 is getting ready for its launch in the month of February at Mobile World Congress 2013 and till now many of the specs and features has been leaked regarding Galaxy SIV.

Galaxy S4

Hardware configuration of Samsung Galaxy SIV:

• Adonis Exynos 5400 Series Chipset
• Cortex-A15 processor
• Clocked at 2GHz
• 5inches Full HD display (1080 x 1920 pixels)
• 2500mAh battery
• Android 4.2/x
• Bluetooth
• Wi-Fi
• microUSB, (OTG enable)
• thickness less than 8mm
• Weight around 125g

Above specifications show that Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone is really going to be a bang and it will overcome all of the smartphones of present market. It looks flagship models Galaxy S III, iPhone 5, Nexus 4 all looks child in front of Galaxy SIV.

With 2500 mAh battery this flagship smartphone would able to work for hours and its 5inches full HD display would be making it more interesting. At present none of smartphone in the market feature full HD resolution display. However, one of the HTC smartphone might feature full HD resolution but that will also come in the first quarter of 2013.

So, with the beast configuration Samsung Galaxy S4 would be the best smartphone of 2013? Is still a question? Anyway stay tuned with us regarding more updates, news and follow ups.


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