Samsung has created a mobile training room with solar panels

Samsung has sold the original project Solar Powered Internet School, turning an ordinary shipping container in the classroom for children in South Africa.

Solar Powered Internet School

Converted container situated in village Fomolong (Phomolong) near Johannesburg. Since the grade is made on the basis of the shipping container, it can be easily moved if necessary. For this purpose can be used truck. Length of the new Samsung Solar Powered Internet School classroom is 40 feet (about 12 meters), it accommodates up to 21 students. The class features a variety of electronic devices: 50-inch whiteboard, Samsung laptops with solar panels that provide Internet access, tablet Samsung Galaxy line and Wi-Fi-cameras.


To supply energy to all electronic devices in Solar Powered Internet School classroom equipped with solar panels installed on the roof. According to a statement Samsung, a classroom can work up to three days without sunlight. For the manufacturing of solar panels were not used traditional materials and rubber-like substance. This allowed the solar panels to avoid damage in transit.

Solar Powered Internet School

In a converted container also provides the use of insulation and ventilation systems to ensure a comfortable temperature.
The project Solar Powered Internet School, Samsung plans to provide up to 2015 about 5 million students in Africa such mobile classrooms with solar panels.


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