Samsung is preparing Galaxy S III model based on OS Tizen

This year, many producers to insure and in addition, has announced Android-based device platform alternatives. For example, ZTE is preparing a smartphone based on Firefox OS, but HTC and Samsung have presented solutions Windows Phone 8 on board. In addition, it was found that the Korean manufacturer is using another platform – Tizen OS, said Rethink-Wireless.

Galaxy S III Tizen OS

The Korean company Samsung did not invent anything and simply adapted into this OS based on Linux as a smartphone Galaxy S III. Recall that in the basis of the platform are as developments Intel, and Samsung, and recently appeared alpha release of Tizen 2.0 with the appropriate SDK. An indirect confirmation of the existence of Galaxy S III is based Tizen appeared a few weeks ago on the site Wi-Fi Alliance document, which refers to the smartphone GT-i9300_TIZEN. Index GT-i9300 device name appears under discussion.

In addition, the alpha version of Tizen 2.0 is close to the commercial level and contains the kernel, drivers, binding subsystem and Web API. Among the innovations noted the introduction of new features HTML5, for example, support for subtitles in the video stream, and library based Webkit2 supporting designed to increase the reliability and security of web applications. The final version of OS Tizen is due in early 2013. At about the same time and is expected to release Samsung smartphone based on it. As it is has been rumoured Samsung Galaxy S III Tizen version, which could hit the market later this year but nothing has been confirmed.

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