Samsung ML-2955ND Printer: Review, Specs and Features

The new printer from Samsung i.e. Samsung ML-2955ND Printer is made in a compact body, only slightly exceeding its size dimensions of entry-level devices. Nevertheless, it fits very productive printing mechanism, two-sided printing module and the lower paper cassette with a mechanical indicator of the filling.

Samsung ML-2955ND
In addition, the case includes a pair of original technical solutions. Protection sheet loading port from dust implemented by spring-loaded cover that completely covers it when not in the use. The only caveat: very tight door with latch that requires pressing the exact center of the lid to close.


Protection of the printing mechanism from dust through the opening output tray is hinged cover over it. It leans back manually, not equipped with a robotic drive, but has a gap, which allows deducing easily the first printed sheet without even opening it.

Samsung ML-2955ND

The second and third sheets are already facing resistance at the output and are likely to be crushed. And if the job is more extensive, then the resulting congestion is bound to cause an accident through paper and the printer stops to fix it. This nuance of the device will require a high self-discipline user who will have to manually open the protective cover from the beginning of the work and do not forget to close it at the end of its working day. Otherwise, they can keep the top tray is always open to avoid congestion print output, but giving the opportunity to household dust to penetrate into the printing mechanism.

Samsung ML-2955ND

Samsung ML-2955ND Printer control panel consists of four buttons: power to the backlight state, cancel the print job, print a test page and the inclusion of the information economy mode (Eco), equipped with a status indicator.


Eco-button includes a pre-determined economy printing mode, which you can pre-configure the interface to produce drivers. It can be combined with the toner save function (increases toner cartridge), automatic two-sided printing (reduces paper consumption) and the placement of a few pages (1-16) on a single sheet (saves paper and toner electricity). And if the first two is easy to understand, then guess what corresponds to the menu “Model” you can only change the image dynamically preview print.


Sensitivity to the printing pressing Eco-set buttons on the tab driver interface “Save”. You can choose from a permanent shutdown / engaging eco-print version or when the mode is “Printer Setting”, i.e. state Eco-key in the Samsung ML-2955ND Printer.


The optimal and correct mode of operation of the printer is the author of the following regime: daily and draft printing is performed while holding down the Eco-button, that is, with predetermined parameters economy. And for finishing the withdrawal of important documents Eco-off button. In addition, any Eco-function, and their combination, is available for selection in the printer driver, regardless of the state Eco-key.

Samsung ML-2955ND

Ergonomics of the power button has a nuance, which will have to adjust: its bright blue light can be misleading regarding the status of the printer. It is only enabled when the device goes into power saving mode, although the more logical it seemed to glow during operation, and the quenching of / flash off and standby status of the device, respectively.


Consumables for printing the printer Samsung ML-2955ND – monoblock cartridge series MLT-D103, which includes the toner and module creation and image transfer. Capacity of the standard model MLT-D103S delivers up to 1500 A4 prints provided fill cartridge did not exceed 5% of their area. For intensive printing, and reduce its cost can be obtained from the MLT-D103L designated resource of 2,500 prints. At the sale, the unit comes with starter toner cartridge, designed for the withdrawal of 1,000 pages. Judging by the number of prints produced in the process of testing, the LED printer, a warning about the imminent end of the toner starts flashing orange light with an estimated balance of approximately 800 sheets.


The Samsung ML-2955ND Printer allows connection via USB 2.0 and LAN Ethernet. It should be noted that setting the parameters of Ethernet-only connection to the driver installer interface, suitable for the display and keypad unit is not equipped. The use of any data channel did not give advantages in performance printing, therefore, provides uniform test data.
A study performed on the performance of three 10-page jobs. The first of these contained only the text, the second was a presentation consisting of text, business graphics and a number of photographs, and the third – PDF-File the volumetric high resolution with a large percentage of filled pages of text and graphics. The tests took place in both modes available in print quality. You can make the assumption that, under the title “High” resolution of 1200×1200 hiding dpi, and “Standard” corresponds to 600 Ă— 600 dpi.


The printing speed of printer Samsung ML-2955ND is almost linearly dependent on the amount of computations in the rasterized image. At low resolution, it reduced the complexity of the job is only noticeable in the output PDF-file, but during a “High” quality, the correlation of the file size and speed is great. Obviously, the device is optimized to print text and business graphics, and print a “hard” image on it is except that occasionally.
Using a two-sided printing reduces the speed of the printer by 45-55%, which sometimes require a choice between saving paper and the speed of the job. However, even reduced by half, the performance is quite acceptable for most anticipated models of the device.


The output vector samples for quality control showed that the setting “Standard” is well suited for images containing text information. In the obtained sheets confidently distinguish even minor characters third pin for direct printing and the “reversing”. But Hatch is full of unprinted areas and artifacts, up to a complete failure to complete the printer plate with a diagonal stroke in increments of 0.2 Fri.

When using the setting “High” quality in Samsung ML-2955ND Printer, the situation looks different: the hatch much more accurate and careful, though, the central part of the worlds is still filled with solid fills and white spots. But small text looks a little worse, used to derive it; this mode will not be the optimal solution.


Final impressions formed in the process of testing the printer Samsung ML-2955ND, can be formulated as follows: a productive and well-equipped model, designed for the output of a small business documents. It has advanced settings to reduce the cost of printing that you can use a dedicated Eco-click on Control Panel.

Samsung ML-2955ND Features:

Device type Laser Printer
Device Class office
Printing Technology Laser Monochrome
Maximum paper size (size in mm) A4
Print Resolution / up (improved), dpi 1200
Memory (std. / Max.), MB 64
The processor, frequency, MHz 533
Speed B / W printing (by the method of ESAT), pages / min (A4) 28
Time to first print / copy, sec., Max (b / w) 8.5
Warm-up time after power on / standby mode, sec sf
Maximum input capacity, p 250 +1
Maximum output capacity, p 150
The range of paper weight, g/m2 sf
Automatic Duplex +
Sorter –
Sorter with stapler –
The maximum / recommended by the volume of printing or copying thousands of pages. / Month 12 /
Yield black cartridge standard / high-capacity, thousands of pages 1,5 / 2,5
Interface LPT –
The USB interface +
Wired network Ethernet / AC Adapter +
Wireless LAN Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11) –
PictBridge –
Power consumption, W (max / standby) sf
Dimensions in mm 348x196x338
Weight, kg 7.3

Pros of Samsung ML-2955ND Printer:

+ The print quality of text documents
print modes + Cheap
+ High performance
+ Built-in Duplex

Cons Samsung ML-2955ND Printer:

– Average printing graphics

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