Samsung NP700Z7C Series 7 Laptop: Complete Review & Specs

The Samsung Series 7 laptop, Samsung NP700Z7C is more than powerful, but a bit expensive. Its Full HD 17.3-inch matte is really good its performance components can do everything.

Difficult to find major flaws in this beautiful widescreen laptop from Samsung, if not its price a little too high for our liking.

Samsung NP700Z7C

The promise

Samsung is updating its range of laptops Chronos Series 7 this September. Available in two screen sizes (15.6 and 17.3 inches), this configuration sold € 1,499 is clearly upscale. So it embarks equipment at the tip (quad-core processor, memory galore, matt Full HD screen, etc..) And doped iSSD a small memory module which improves the startup time of the machine or launch your applications. It’s previous 15.6-inch model were impressing, but lacked power graphics, screen contrast, and most importantly, a Blu-ray. Let’s see if its big brother, with its beautiful 17.3-inch slab, improves the existing one.


No doubt, this great Samsung NP700Z7C laptop (or portable) 17.3-inch, does not suffer from any defect in design or finish. The brushed aluminium coating is very successful and pleasant to touch. The machine, although large, is relatively thin (2.8 cm) and weight displayed almost reasonable (3 kg). The connectors present on the sides of the device is really at the forefront, four USB ports (two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0), three video outputs (VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort), a Gigabit Ethernet jack and an audio input jack which combines microphone input and stereo output.

Full HD media to honor

Samsung NP700Z7C

The Korean manufacturer plays the media card. Thus, the tile has a matt Full HD. In a test, it shows that it is bright (300 cd / m 2) and really mixed (1008:1). With the Blu-ray player, it is nice to be able to watch movies in high definition. In addition, the 2.1 kit, brand JBL, you managed to put an earful. However, Samsung NP700Z7C sometimes lacks precision and definition listening to music. Finally, a remote control to operate the remote machine would have been nice icing on the cake.

A very good keyboard

With separate keys in very nice touch, the keyboard has the luxury of being fully backlit. The intensity of the light beams of the keys (and display) depends on the ambient brightness detected by a sensor located near the small diodes operating. As for the touchpad, it is a surface well proportioned with good riding comfort. It also responds correctly to various manipulations on several fingers (rotation, zoom, page forward or backward).

Configuration to the height

Samsung NP700Z7C

The Samsung Series 7 laptop Samsung NP700Z7C can easily replace a desktop PC. It embeds a hardware configuration to match its ambitions. The Intel Core i7-3615QM is clocked at 2.3GHz on all four cores and is supported by 8GB of DDR3 memory to ensure the calculations, data transfer and encoding / transcoding any kind.

It’s graphics card, for its is none other than the GeForce GT 650M. Although it is not stamped “card to player,” this chip is largely run all the latest headlines of time in both HD (test scores between 71.4 and 115 frames per second) in Full HD with a maximum of 60 frames per second found in Dirt 2 or Resident Evil 5.

In Hard drive, Samsung NP700Z7C is only a little behind. Moreover, it scoops the worst Windows 7 index (5.9) of the entire machine. However, it is supported by a module iSSD 8 GB soldered directly to the motherboard and administered by Samsung software. Its mission is to accelerate the start of the machine, and launch applications faster than you commonly use. Rode in after 6 to 8 starts, the system has proven and shown again on this beautiful laptop.

A relatively good endurance

With this configuration, housed in the chassis, Chronos sometimes find it difficult to remain discreet and at the right temperature. At rest, the ventilation that causes 35 dB; however, at full load, 41 dB are achieved without any harm. Mercury, meanwhile, climbed to 50 ° C below the unit and 32.7 ° C on the palmrest.

Yet despite its powerful configuration, the Samsung NP700Z7C does not consume more than 91.9 watts full speed and break – thanks to Nvidia’s Optimus technology – the meter shows only 20 watts. Thus, video playback, maximum screen, Wi-Fi enabled, this 17.3-inch laptop works for 4 hours 30 minutes before needing a supply current. A fine performance for a machine of this size is given Samsung NP700Z7C.

The verdict

We would have appreciated the Samsung Series 7 Samsung NP700Z7C laptop, is equipped with a hard drive a little faster, that all USB ports are standard on 3.0 and its price is around € 1,300. However, Samsung corrects the major flaws of the first 15.6-inch model and gives us a Series 7 XXL quite convincing. It has a beautiful screen, a powerful configuration that allows you to work, entertain you in high definition and even play the latest video games at the time.

+The relative thinness of the chassis
+Intel’s latest generation
+The Nvidia graphics card with Optimus
+The Full HD screen

-The rotational speed of the disc
-The price a little high

This was all regarding the Samsung NP700Z7C (Samsung Series 7) laptop, if you have any query then feel free to ask.

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