Samsung NX1000, 20 megapixels mirrorless camera: Review & Specs

The South Korean company has just introduced a new compact camera Samsung NX1000 with APS-C CMOS sensor of 20.3 Megapixel offering DSLR quality having a much smaller size and sharing with them the possibility to change the lens so that the user can take advantage of the full range functionalities thereof.

Samsung NX1000

Within days we will publish a complete review of this Samsung NX1000 device, but we have to tell you that the first contact at the official launch that took place today in Madrid. This presentation has been presented by the designer Maya Hansen who has tested the camera and has praised its virtues:


“My Samsung NX1000 in pink captivated me from the first moment I saw it. Not only for its design, which is very attractive, but also by the many options offered and how easy it is to manage. You feel that you can get very professional photos thanks to modifications on the speed and openness and interchangeability objectives.

But if there’s one thing that has become one of my essentials is the possibility to send the pictures you choose to mail or share in my social networks anytime, anywhere. Fits your social life as one of my corsets .”

This Samsung NX1000 camera comes in black and white colors besides pink. The sales pack comes with a 20-50mm lens and removable flash colors of the camera body at a price of 599 €.

Samsung NX1000

This new model allows connectivity through Wi-Fi directly share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Picasa and YouTube videos, all from the camera itself.

The camera integrates a 3D panorama mode and 1080p video recording with the possibility also of applicat filters and frames when capturing photos.

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