Samsung prepares Galaxy Nexus 2 and Google Nexus Tablet 32GB

An inventory captures Carphone Warehouse, pick up a couple of interesting new devices: a smartphone Nexus 2, Samsung and Google’s Nexus tablet with storage capacity of 32 Gbytes.

Samsung Nexus 2

The arrival of a Galaxy Nexus 2 is quite safe and catching confirms previous rumors that speak of a Samsung GT-i9260 with screen resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and an ARM Cortex-A11.

Galaxy Nexus 7 would have a screen size 4.65 inches according to new information provided informally as other media say the next Nexus will manufactured by LG…

In another vein, the capture of Carphone Warehouse, also mentions a Nexus tablet with 32 Gbytes of storage capacity. A model that would come to address the limitations of the models of 8 and 16 GB market with capacity and unable expansion with micro SD cards.

So, there could be Samsung Galaxy Nexus 7 and Google Nexus 32Gb tablet in near future and it can easily fire up the competition in the market.

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