Samsung PS64E8000 64” 3D plasma Smart TV threat for LCD: Review & Specs

The Samsung PS64E8000 is great plasma 64inches Smart TV and online offering 3D active steering vocal and gestural. An excellent platform for multimedia Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and DLNA certified.

Samsung PS64E8000
Plasma TVs are not yet buried. There remain a few here and there from Samsung, Panasonic and LG. But no dealers do highlights. This technology has unfortunately suffered for years from a number of misconceptions about its life, reliability and energy consumption. This 64-inch Samsung PS64E8000 model is here to offer an alternative to those who know that the plasma picture is often better than the LCD. The PS64E8000 certainly consumes more than LCD TV LED (282 watts against 130 watts for about an LCD of equivalent size), but it is only 5 cm thick and has the same technical features as its congeners. Sold for 3000 euros, this large plasma “smart” deserves attention and despite its few shortcomings. First, because it offers a beautiful sacred image then because it is a remarkable multimedia platform connected and 3D. And finally, because with its two remotes, its compatibility with the remote control app for smartphones and tablets Samsung and its control functions vocal and gestural, it offers the widest range of management tools market .

Samsung PS64E8000
Beautiful design and two pairs of 3D glasses

Samsung PS64E8000 is HD TV 1080p model and connected with the active 3D, comes with two pairs of 3D glasses with battery. Too bad, we would have preferred USB rechargeable glasses. However, these 3D active glasses are now thinner and lighter than those proposed so far. Progress is also on that side. In terms of pure aesthetics, there is not much wrong with this 64-inch aluminium with gray frame is thicker than LED lately, but that is rather good impression. At the connection, we were surprised that there were only three HDMI inputs. Another regrettable absence: a VGA input. Side USB ports, however, is Byzantium, with three ports in total, but only one capable of powering an external hard drive.
Two remote and beautiful image, quality

Samsung PS64E8000

The Samsung PS64E8000 TV also comes with two remotes (one classic backlit, the other smaller and tactile called Smart Touch Control), and a small infrared receiver and Bluetooth (IR Blaster). This allows to control several devices (Canal + decoder, Blu-ray, etc..) With remote control panel (Smart Touch Control). Moreover the image quality that we’ve seen looks very beautiful, deeper blacks than LCD and contrasts much better. Generally, the image is warmer, softer and less aggressive than most other televisions.
Voice control and gesture remains complicated

The 64-inch Samsung Smart TV is a real, powered by a dual core processor, compatible HbbTV, Wi-Fi Direct, MHL, DLNA certified and offer dual Wi-Fi connectivity and Bluetooth. Everything is there. Wi-Fi to access the home network and online services (Skype, Explore 3D, etc..), Bluetooth for use of 3D glasses, a keyboard or a mouse. There are also the whole ranges of 2012 features of the brand: Smart Hub connected services, Smart Evolution for promised updates over the next five years, Smart Convenience for recording TV with USB and Smart Interaction for control without remote control. Therefore the menu in Samsung PS64E8000: voice control, gesture control and facial recognition with the integrated camera. Voice control? To turn on or off the TV, it is almost possible, but the rest is not. Sign and driving is absolutely not the point. It is not immediately that we separate ourselves from our remotes.

The plasma picture
The size of the screen
Multimedia functions
Many management tools
The two pairs of glasses provided


The vocal and gestural control is not the point
The limited connectivity

This was all about the Samsung PS64E8000 64inches plasma 3D TV.

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