Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C affordable and versatile laptop: Review & Specs

This Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C laptop has equipment that is suitable for all purposes of daily life. It is even possible to find it for less than 600 euros on some websites.

Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C

100% AMD, this Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C notebook has good equipment, but its performance is lower than Intel machines.

The promise

Samsung Series 3 laptops are tailored to the consumer market. Relatively inexpensive, they offer versatile configurations, equipped with a 13.3-inch (33.8 cm diagonal) 15.6 inches (39.6 cm) or 17.3 inches (43.9 cm). The Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C is 15.6 inches. Enough mat, it has components 100% AMD, on paper, appear to be quite honest with regard to the price of the machine.


The Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C is a good surprise. Under its austere air, due to a silver and black chassis, this notebook with a screen resolution of 1366 by 768 dots no shortage of resources. Even casual gamers will find their account: versatile, the machine is able to meet the needs of most users. Surfing on the Internet, movies, office or storage (1TB HDD), Samsung is there. It has good pack preinstalled software: CyberLink Media Suite, Office Starter 2010, Norton Antivirus software house for the optimization and maintenance of PC. Attention, not all are full version! The Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C does not lack connectors. Four USB ports (two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0), a network socket and two video outputs (VGA and HDMI) are distributed on the flanks. Plus a microphone input, stereo output for audio, Wi-Fi n and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless communications.

Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C


The perennial problem of drivers

The hardware configuration of the notebook is supported by AMD’s flag. A10-4600 processor is a chip type calculation APU (Accelerated Processing Unit. It has the same circuit computing cores, here four 2.3 GHz (3.2 GHz Turbo mode), and the graphics controller, AMD Radeon HD 7660G. When you start a game, joins HD 7660G graphics card dedicated machine (Radeon HD 7670M to) to develop more power. In fact, the first flange of the second performance. Clearly, the machine is not powerful enough to run recent games in depth, but this pair of graphics chips can display between 41 and 60 frames per second. The problem is AMD drivers that have difficulty managing the allocation of graphics chips depending on the load. As a result, it is often necessary to manually specify how the system chip used (the video circuitry integrated dedicated graphics card or both).
Autonomy and consumption in progress

Between 14.3 and 86 watts, the consumption of the Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C machine is reasonable. As for video playback, it reached 3 h 20. An honorable score compared to the previous AMD mobile platform. The breakdown reveals very discreet for simple tasks – 32.5 dB for surfing or office base. In the game, the noise is bearable to 39 dB. Less, the machine heats up a lot at full speed is with almost 45 ° C in the case, and 36.2 ° C at the palmrest.
The Screen

Good point, the display coating is matte in Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C, which avoids unwanted reflections, especially in the light of day. The brightness is quite acceptable (232 cd/m2), but like any matte panel, the screen lacks a bit of contrast (750:1). Display quality and detail are generally good. In addition, when you watch a film, a small program to improve the image starts to force the contrast ratio and colors. You can count on stereo speakers to broadcast your favorite MP3 songs without too much distortion.

The keyboard with numeric keypad keys separate black bumper a little noisy but fun to browse at your fingertips. The touchpad, meanwhile, offers good gliding surface. It is sensitive to several manipulations multidoigts, well explained in the video programming interface.

The verdict

This Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C keeps its promises. At the height of the equipment is suitable for all purposes of daily life. It is even possible to find the PC less than 600 euros on some websites. Unfortunately, the management of the graphics drivers asked to get their hands dirty … the most novice not appreciate. Finally, the quad-core AMD A10-4600 (latest) is at the same level as the entry level Intel (Core i3 and i5). We expected better from this chip.

This was all regarding Samsung Series 3 NP355V5C laptop, affordable and flexible.

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