Samsung superior Retina Display: Coming Soon

It became known that Samsung is currently developing a new display for mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), which by its characteristics will be superior to Retina Display from Apple.

Samsung Superior Retina Display

According to available information, the new display will be made based on the technology of AMOLED, which will provide high-quality color reproduction and wide viewing angles. Also, this technology can achieve high response time and low power consumption. Another feature of the new display is a high density of pixels. It is noted that for new items, the figure was 350 dpi. Recall density of pixels in the Retina display is 264 dots per inch in the iPad tablet and 326 dots per inch in the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and portable media player iPod touch.

It is reported that Samsung originally planned to produce displays for mobile devices with high density of pixels on the basis of technology Laser-Induced Thermal Imaging. However, this method would require a major effort to scale production. That’s why it was decided to focus on technology AMOLED. In this case, to achieve the necessary scale of production at current production capacity can be due to the use of vehicles Fine Metal Mask. Information on the timing of the appearance on the market of mobile devices equipped with a new type of display is not reported. However, in laboratory conditions, the engineers have already received their first samples.


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