Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 monitor: Review & Specs

Equipped with a large display PLS 27-inch (68.5 cm) diagonal, the Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 monitor displays a high definition picture and especially an impressive accuracy. It is a little too expensive…

Samsung SyncMaster S27B970

The new 27-inch high definition Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 is a feast for the eyes, in all areas. However, some details have disappointed.

The promise

The Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 symbolizes the arrival of a new generation of high-end monitors, equipped with the latest LCD panel technology with PLS (Plane to Line Switching) from the Korean manufacturer. The PLS, very similar to the IPS (In-Plane Switching), should display a very wide viewing angles, accurate color, but a contrast ratio is a little weak. This Samsung Monitor focuses on the design and … the price is very high. We therefore wanted to know if there is a good deal, especially with competitors like the ViewSonic VP2770-LED.

Samsung SyncMaster S27B970

On the design side, this monitor Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 is a small work of art. Its foot allows fine height adjustment of its frame, and its base includes all its electronics to refine the display. So a nice piece to put in the most beautiful interiors, but not above reproach.
Some unfortunate flaws

For its price, the screen could totally get rid of plastic materials, using only aluminium. The back of the display and the base of the screen is plastic “aluminium imitation” is very unfortunate. Two other defects hamper this monitor. Its foot does not allow the switch to portrait mode, whereas the VP2770-LED, cheapest is capable. And most importantly, Samsung has placed a glass plate to the LCD panel on the Apple model. This coating is certainly very attractive, but it is extremely sensitive to reflections, this is very annoying for a monitor supposed to display an image of high quality.


MHL compatibility: the marketing argument

About the compatibility MHL (supposed to allow the direct connection of the screen on a compatible smartphone, Samsung or other), it is totally anecdotal: any TV or monitor equipped with an HDMI input can be connected directly to an MHL smartphone with suitable cable.


A perfectly calibrated

The Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 is slightly better than the ViewSonic VP2770-LED in terms of rendering. Sure, evacuate the relatively low contrast ratio (943:1 in the probe), which is typical of PLS and IPS panels. The accuracy of color reproduction is impressive. Factory calibrated, this monitor offers color very faithful and because probe X-Rite measured a DeltaE 3 in Standard mode, and only 0.6 in sRGB mode, a record! Quality grayscale display is even more exceptional.
Excellent for multimedia

PLS matrix is obviously less responsive than TN for players. But its overdrive (set via mode) very effectively blurs the actual persistence. Enough to satisfy the vast majority of the game players. Only the most demanding prefer a more reactive display to show more clearly the scenes very fast shooters in the first person. The two built-in speakers are also among the most powerful, with those of the Apple Thunderbolt. The quality of sound is much higher than average, but slightly less than the Apple monitor. Provided watching movies in a well lit room to avoid reflections, this monitor is well worth the Blu- ray. It is even possible to improve the smoothness of Full HD movies with the high definition of the display (2560 points per 1440). In this area, the Media Player Classic Home Cinema and filter “Sharpen Complex 2” (applied after resizing and even doubled for extra softness) make miracles. A good Nvidia or ATI graphics card can be very effective in reducing noise, accentuated by the filter of the video player.
The verdict

Samsung SyncMaster S27B970 has extremely attractive features and image quality. Very suitable for multimedia use, but it is too elitist. With a very high price, the monitor will address a public easy enough to ignore its flaws. More sensitive portfolios will not tolerate its glossy or inability to switch to portrait mode.

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