Samsung UE50 50inch 3D TV with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth: Review & Specs

Samsung UE50 is a 50-inch TV hyperconnected (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, etc) relies on its dual core processor to execute with skill all the tasks entrusted to it. A superb setting and large capacities.

To attack the back, here’s a charming TV connected to 50 inches with dual-core CPU and 3D active.

Samsung UE50

Each year, the picture quality and the range of possibilities of our TVs are improving. Today, most of them are extremely thin, capable of connecting to the Internet, make video conference calls, display of 3D, as ever more fluid moving images, play video recorders digital network access over Wi-Fi and share any type of content and with the velocity of a computer with dual core processors. Feats unimaginable a few years ago.

Samsung, the former sub-brand, has also become one of the heavyweights in this market and offers in August one of these new models “large format”: the Samsung UE50 ES6900.

Design and video processing luxury

Samsung UE50

Samsung UE50 comes with its metal base with four arms, its slim frame in brushed aluminium (1.2 cm thick) and its reduced thickness (3 cm), this Samsung UE50 LCD TV of 50 inches is a good impression right away. Especially in a little rummaging among its specifications, one realizes that this is a sacred client.

It is, indeed, powered by a processor dual core, has a melt flow rate of 400 Hz by optimizing the contrast of different areas of the screen (what Samsung calls the Micro Dimming) and includes, for video processing. The Plus version of Samsung Color Enhancer, 3D HyperReal Engine, and a bunch of video calibration functions (white balance, adjust the color space, optimizing the hue and saturation RGB setting gamma, color temperature, etc..), even with the presence of a target for Expert to be sure that all parameters stalling.

3D active and two pairs of glasses included

Samsung UE50

For 3D, Samsung UE50 will be the asset with two pairs of glasses included. Glasses that are synchronized to the screen via Bluetooth and not infrared. Also note that the infrared active glasses former Samsung TVs will not be supported. A method of converting 2D to 3D is also integrated, as well as several options for adjusting the relief depth.

Multimedia features worthy of a computer

Multimedia side, it’s incredibly rich for a TV. The devil is compatible HbTV and Wi-Fi Direct (Wi-Fi is integrated), DLNA certified, able to access the Samsung Smart Hub network and read a bunch of media files via the sharing feature AllShare Play to record or pause programs on TNT external hard drive through one of three USB ports, to host a webcam to use Skype, browse the Internet and even connect a keyboard and mouse – or USB, or Bluetooth – to make these operations simpler.

1st Class A equipment

Add to that, the presence of three TV tuners, a string of features to reduce energy bills (off the picture but not sound, auto standby when no signal is detected, Eco Mode, Sleep timer, etc..) in Samsung UE50 3D TV, the ability to pilot the application with Samsung TV Remote and the presence of three HDMI inputs, and you get quite a multifunction TV. Only missing the functions of voice and gesture control, remote control and compatibility Smart Touch Evolution. To the left is the high end. Its price: 1990 Euros. A serious contender for the playoffs six of LG and Philips.
+The multimedia capabilities
+The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated
+The two pairs of active 3D glasses included
+Calibration options video
+The design

Nothing yet

This was all regarding the latest Samsung 50inch 3D i.e. Samsung UE50.

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