Samsung WB150F Camera: Complete Review & Specs

Samsung not only declares a desire to take the place of the market leaders in the group of compact cameras, but also taking active steps to achieve ambitious goals. The giant consumer electronics and information technology made a bid for converged solutions, and promotes innovative models, among which, of course, is Samsung WB150F camera.

Samsung WB150F
Samsung WB150F is based on a 14.2 mega pixel 1/2, 3″ CCD-matrix. In the image formation is responsible for its 18-times zoom lens Schneider-KREUZNACH with a focal range of 24 to 432 mm and an optical stabilization system.
In macro mode allows the device to photograph the area about the size 2736 mm – a good result for a compact camera (in film era would say that it can shoot in 1:1). To achieve this, you need to move up the front of the lens very close to your subject, so the question arises in serious light.

The sensitivity matrix is in the range ISO 80-3200, the minimum shutter speed 1/2000 sec., the maximum depends on the mode and can reach 16 with hand-held devices.

In addition to taking photos in the JPEG (maximum size 4320 x 3240 pixels) Samsung WB150F camera can record HD-video (1280×720, MP4, video codec – H.264, audio codec – AAC) at 30 f / s.

The camera body (the choice of two options available colors – black and white) is not assembled – no slack, and squeaking. It is moderately thin (if you want to fit in a shirt pocket, but the unit does not wear well worth at least for aesthetic reasons) and is conveniently held in one hand thanks to the excellent balance, ergonomic influx on the front face and a small box at the rear of the invoice. The weight of this Samsung WB150F camera is around 200 g.

Samsung WB150F

The top panel housed speaker and microphone, power button, zoom lever with a button “descent” in the middle, as well as the mode dial to work.


The rear panel is arranged in a classic case. Samsung WB150F is featuring 3-inch LCD display with 460 thousand items of image formation. It rigidly mounted to the body and is not sensitive to touch. Right – the hardware button to record video (it is located close to the texture for the insertion of the thumb), five-way navigation key and four hardware buttons. The joystick made with four quick setup, what to display on the screen, flash, timer and macro mode. From the first difficult to accept – instead it is much more convenient to have, such as exposure compensation function.

Under the hood is hidden single socket for charging the battery, as well as connecting to a computer and TV. The cable is almost standard – Micro USB, but with a thin connector cover is positioned so that the ordinary can it hurt. In general, do not lose it, even if you’re not a fan of wireless technologies.

On the bottom face of the Samsung WB150F body – offset relative to the optical axis of the lens tripod mount and battery compartment and memory card such as SD or its derivatives. When mounted on a tripod access to the compartment will be blocked.

Samsung WB150F

The front panel of Samsung WB150F contains a lens, autofocus and backlight flash. In the stowed position front lens covered with metal shutters, but this is not a reason to treat lightly the preservation chamber during transport. The lens is retractable, for external mounting of nozzles or filters are not provided. Since the flash is partially in the recess ergonomic influx should be careful when using it: a failed middle finger grip can block the flow of light.

Samsung WB150F provides a variety of shooting modes. In addition to the program has two priority (shutter speed and aperture), as well as full manual. This allows a certain extent, to implement almost all of the traditional photographic techniques. If you switch to manual mode metering system gives tips for choosing the right pair of parameters. For beginners will benefit two automatic modes.

Samsung WB150F Smart is able to analyze the next frame and on the basis of information from the database to decide not just about exposure, aperture, and the need to include a flash, but also to find the best combination based on the nature of the frame (for example, reduce the aperture to the landscape to increase the depth of field).

In the Scene Selection mode user can specify which subject he takes off, and get the best settings.
Switching between the points is done without delay. There are brief pop-up (and turns off when uselessness) tips. Wheel position switch shooting modes appears at the top of the screen, so you can change settings without taking your eyes off the screen.

The colors in photos is rich measure, and quite correct. If necessary, you can more accurately set the white balance menu (camera allows you to specify a color temperature in Kelvin, and use the gray / white object as a reference).
Fragments of images at 100%, made at different values of sensitivity. Unfortunately, the menu does not control the degree of intensity noise: even at the lowest ISO settings visible aggressive algorithms. The cure for this disease has long been known: should be removed so as to avoid significant crop, while in preparation for printing or display of the monitor / TV you can advance to reduce the frame, creating the impression of better attention to detail and a smooth tonal transitions.

For normal shooting ISO 800 can be considered an upper permissible when installing 1600 or 3200 frames will require skillful handling and will be fit for use is not always the case.

Automatic Focusing works well. If you are not ready to entrust the selection of the focus point the camera, you can switch to the binding point of focus to the center of the frame, or direct its instructions. Mode Manual focus adjustment is available, but using it is not very convenient, and the real need is very rare.

Samsung WB150F

Similarly, this is the case with the measurement of exposure. Matrix copes well with most of the scenes, but if there is a complex task, you can always switch to center-weighted or spot modes.

At Samsung WB150F they consist in the abundance of image processing modes “on the fly”, and communication capabilities. Digital filters by surprise today are difficult: they have become a mandatory part of software of any compact camera. In fact Samsung WB150F filter 14. Discuss their usefulness – a thankless task. Some well-implemented, for example, the simulation frame of an old movie (artifacts are added dynamically). Some, such as miniature imitation of shooting in macro mode, obviously do not have control (it would be convenient if the zone of sharpness in the plane of the frame was displaced through the sub-menu).

In addition to the filters in the camera has a function of Magic Frame – finished in the picture (the choice is limited and is determined only by the manufacturer) included a fragment of which the user chooses (crop).

Split Shot feature in Samsung WB150F camera lets you to combine two or three plots in one frame. First you have to select the number of subjects, then – the method of separation (vertical or horizontal). Pictures are made in series (you can change the lens focal length), then the program creates a smooth transition between them. File output is obtained so for serious implementation of such projects is better to use a graphics editor.

Picture in picture is not self-explanatory – in one photo, you can insert another. The position of the second frame and its size are regulated, but the result is re-emerging.

Samsung WB150F knows how to make a panorama. To do this, just select the appropriate mode, press the “Descent” and smoothly move the camera horizontally or vertically. For best results, it is desirable to pre-position the camera so that the frame was a big party at a party next panorama. Work correctly with moving objects until only know how to programs for “big” computers, so be prepared for the appearance of artifacts in the form of “half of the rat.” If the frames have the people, animals / birds or cars, it is better to set the camera on a tripod, make a few frames with overlapping 30% of each mode in the following manual exposure settings and manual focus, and then glue them into a panorama on the PC.

Function of Artistic Brush is on the border of photos and video. In this mode, the Samsung WB150F camera saves not only a static image with the effect (on the choice of three options available), but also the process of its application in ten second animated video size of 640×480.

Like all modern cameras, Samsung WB150F distinguishes a person and is able to optimize the exposure settings for better transfer. Some characters may be closer to the photographer, and the device supports not only the definition, but also recognition: after a short procedure, “learning” – it is shooting a model at five angles with tips on the screen – a person who gets elected to the database and now it is will be emphasized in choosing the parameters of the exposure and focusing, for example, in a group photograph.

Introducing the Samsung WB150F we finish consideration of the communication functions associated with the Wi-Fi.

First, the Samsung WB150F camera is able to spread pictures through the wireless network and videos on Facebook, Picasa, YouTube and Photobuket. Everything takes place as usual – the input first login / password, then choose what will be downloaded.

Secondly, thanks to the built-in mail client images can be sent to any email address. And again, nothing special – Enter the address of the recipient and select the desired frame. Thanks to the spread-mail / store images can be not only the services that were originally programmed – many allow you to send content through a simple letter to a special address.

The Samsung WB150F camera allows you to upload your footage (all or selected) on the cloud service for storing information. In this mode the connection to Microsoft SkyDrive (formerly known as Windows Live) can be done.

Here we must pause in the presentation of opportunities to pay attention to security issues. The functions described above are focused on using Wi-Fi outside the home, i.e. or networks with free access, or encrypted, but available upon request with a password. It should be understood that, theoretically, attackers can intercept your passwords and data (pictures), so the use of wireless networks should be reasonable, for example, creating an additional account in the cloud services specifically for uploading pictures, post pictures or by sending an e-mail (enter username / password with this method is not required). Sending pictures requires good bandwidth for transmission that is rare in public networks. The camera allows you to choose whether to load full-sized images or thumbnails of up to two megapixels copy. Do not use the wireless network as the only channel for the receipt of any archival copies of important pictures for you – even when sending mail files can be damaged in transit.
Mobile Link feature in Samsung WB150F allows you to send selected photos on a smartphone or tablet, with Wi-Fi does not work as an access point, and directly connects the two devices. Naturally, you want to pre-load the appropriate application (it is free for Android and for iOS).

Once the connection on your phone is visible to pictures stored on your memory card, before you can download the necessary images to your smartphone, you can see there are several enlarged copies.
The copied files are written to a library of images and can be used by any program. Of particular interest to use the tablet as many photo editors are now available (as well as all sorts of “improvers” shots). Work on the big screen is a pleasure.

Remote Viewfinder feature allows you to use a smartphone or tablet as a remote wireless viewfinder. Free Application for Android and iOS connects via Wi-Fi with the camera displays the image “of the viewfinder,” and several controls.




Moreover, Auto Backup in Samsung WB150F allows you to unload your footage on your home computer to a wireless network. To do this, you must install the appropriate software and connect the cable the two devices (one time, in order to create a pair).

The function transforms the TV Link to Samsung WB150F in wireless broadcasting server for home network. Any device connected to the same network and is able to reproduce the photos and video can display the contents of the camera’s memory card on a large (TV) or a small, but mobile (tablet) screen.


The quality of the housing, design, ergonomics


The implementation of some features is not perfect.

This was all regarding the Samsung WB150F camera and its review, if you have any query then feel free to ask.

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