Samsung: within two months, we’ll sell 10 million Galaxy S III

Despite the very Mixed Public Reaction to the Current Flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S III, no Doubt, that turned out is Successful. This is supported by pre-Orders for 9,000,000 units.

In Particular, as Reported by Reuters, in the next Month, Samsung intends to bring the total sales of 10 million flagship ITS units. This was said by head of Samsung Mobile Business JK Shin (JK Shin) to the journalists.

Of course, to some extent Samsung is cunning, not EXACTLY Defining the Concept of “Selling” in this CASE. Nevertheless, the result is quite impressive. For comparison, the original Galaxy S in order to achieve such a result it took around Seven months, and the Galaxy S II take for five months. And Samsung has confidence about Galaxy S III that it will achieve this position in just two months.

However, this is just the beginning of biggest sales in the history of the Korean manufacturer. in the near Future it intends to put the device in 145 countries around the world.

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