SanDisk introduces 32GB SSD ReadyCache to Speed Up Your Windows

SanDisk has long worked in the division of SSDs, and recently announced the launch of its ReadyCache, SSDs low capacity are not geared to be the basis of the operating system, but to serve as a complement to other units, both SSD as traditional units.


This little device from 2.5 inches to 32 Gbytes of capacity connected to a SATA III port on your computer, and from there ExpressCache software supports Windows 7, does the rest.

This application monitors the files that you access most frequently and cached in the SSD, and according to its leaders can get applications to launch 12 times faster and boot times also improved markedly, especially if we started with a team with traditional hard disk drives.

In addition, working with multiple units ReadyCache simultaneously, data caching frequently in all (not only in containing the system partition), which is an improvement over other similar solutions, as SanDisk. Although the official price is $ 100, Amazon is already selling these devices for $ 55.

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