SanDisk ReadyCache a SSD to speed up your hard drive: Review & Specs

SanDisk offers a kit comprising an SSD and a program caching; in this case we are talking about SanDisk ReadyCache. This program will automatically copy files on the SSD that you use most often, which accelerates loading.

SanDisk ReadyCache

The solution automatically SanDisk SSD cache files you use most often. This is a key which is much more responsive.

After Crucial and Corsair is SanDisk’s turn to propose a solution to speed up your PC hard disk in Windows 7. The solution consists of a SanDisk ReadyCache Sata III SSD 32GB, software cache, a SATA cable and a cradle for housing 3.5 inches from your computer. The SSD then acts as a cache for the hard drive and stores the most used files.

Unlike Crucial and Corsair, who chose the program Dataplex of Nvelo, SanDisk uses the program of ExpressCache Condusiv Technologies. The manufacturer announced the starting Windows up to four times faster and launches applications up to twelve times faster. In addition, the program can handle multiple ExpressCache drives.

SanDisk ReadyCache solution costs about 50 euros, a price slightly lower than Corsair.

The complete solution with cable and cradle
Attractive price
Managing multiple hard drives


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