SanDisk ReadyCache, speeds up your computer without touching your data: Specs & Features

Storage systems are advancing significantly and SSDs take increasing prominence in the ecosystem of PCs and laptops. But what if you have your computer set up perfectly with your HD high capacity and do not want to install any SSD, reinstall OS, or clone a partition?

SanDisk ReadyCache

SanDisk has developed an interesting product known as SanDisk ReadyCache that only connect via SATA on our CPU and with the installation of a Windows application to accelerate our system automatically and transparently for the user.

For € 50 is one of the cheapest solutions and have the greatest impact on your computer.

How does it work?

SanDisk 32 GB ReadyCache is automatically configured as caching system files, application ExpressCache – that leverages the speed of reading and writing NAND versus hard disk, storing the files used by the system and changing time content Real change as equipment use.

On first boot will cache files also start improving this aspect. The maximum transfer rate of 480 Mbytes / s in connection SATA 6 Gbps applications can load up to 12 times faster.

This was all about one of the, SanDisk ReadyCache SSD which is one of the best available solution for speeding up your computer.

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