Scala Rider G9: Amazing GPS for Riders

Scala Rider G9 is the communication system provided by Cardo Systems, Inc. This Bluetooth communication system is especially designed for motorcycle riders. This biker network takes one to one communication between multiple riders with the world’s most advanced Bluetooth wireless technology.

Scala Rider G9

This motorcycle communication system allows its users to take a wireless call using GPS and make them to converse simultaneously in a system with 9 riders. The amazing features and functions made it a must have system, whether you are riding alone or with other Scala Rider G9 users.

You can experience safe motorcycling riding, get fun talking and connecting with other 8 motorcycle riders. This communication system allows you to communicate up to a range of 1 mile. Pairing from one user to the other user is also made very easy and faster when compared to its previous systems.
The wireless system encompasses mode called “Intercom Conference” which allows full duplex conversations between drivers and passengers. Here the user can tag voice or tog between any of the eight users by setting the system in “Toggling mode”. The “one+8” mode enables its users to use web platform to tag their unit online.

With the benefit of online tagging you can even invite your friend for a ride, enhance social networking, plan your tours, set up rides and so on. With the above features the system also includes access to Mp3 music, connecting Bluetooth of your mobile device and accessing GPS services.

To make use of functions safely these functions are handled using invoice that means the operations of these features and functions are controlled using your voice, providing hands free safety. Some functions like music system and FM can be paused automatically to allow its users hear any GPS instructions or to receive any phone calls. Here are some features of Scala Rider G9 system:

Waterproof and dustproof standards: It is certified to IP67 dustproof and waterproof system, and gives a battery back-up for 7 to hours a day.
Voice recognition: The voice recognition technology provides ease in connecting to 8 other riders with voice intake by choosing a name and software called web management system. This will automatically program to connect your intercom to experience one+8 mode.
Flash pairing: This technology simplifies the process of pairing, this can be paired manually like G4 or connect to group by determining which channels you want to connect with.
Voice call conferencing: As we discussed intercom offers full duplex mode connects with the Bluetooth of the mobile device, passenger and rider. This is compatible with the smartphone.
Mounting options: This intercom device comes with 12 hours of talk time, featured with digital signal intake and processing.
MP3 and built in FM radio: It is designed with inbuilt MP3 player and a FM radio which has an option to auto scan, so do not require tuning or frequency adjusting.

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