Showcasing Sceptre Rimless HDTVs Series and Wi-Fi Enabled Sound Bar

Sceptre Showcases (almost) Rimless HDTVs Series and Wi-Fi Enabled Sound Bar.
Sceptre manufacturers LED and LCD HDTVs and PC displays. They are showcasing their 2013 lineup of consumer entertainment solutions during CES 2013.

This includes the world’s first Wi-Fi 2.1 enabled sound bar, the new Rimless HDTVs featuring MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) technology. MHL allows mobile phones and other portable devices to directly connect to the display unit. Sceptre focuses on budget conscious customers and trying to take on other established players by their new designs.

Sceptre Rimless HDTV
Sceptre Rimless HDTV (source:Sceptre)

They are showcasing HDTVs ranging from the compact 16-inch to a big 84-inch and a selection of 3D LED HDTVs. Other display units include:

Sceptre Rimless HDTVs Series – HDTVs featuring ultra-slim edge design, measuring less than 4mm wide and available in multiple colors.

Sceptre Rimless Series Monitors – Ultra-thin monitors ranging from 32 to 55 inches with super-fast refresh rate for optimum graphics performance.

Sceptre Wi-Fi Enabled Sound Bar – First ever 2.1 compact sound bar with built-in Wi-Fi instantly transforms your television into a smart T.

Sceptre Stereo Sound Bar – 2.0 and 2.1 compact stereo sound bars with up to 90 watts of heart pumping power, dual speakers, surround sound capabilities and an integrated 30 watt subwoofer on 2.1 models.

Sceptre Wi-Fi Enabled Sound Bar
Sceptre Wi-Fi Enabled Sound Bar (source:Sceptre)

Personally, I prefer to watch a TV with better contrast as compared to its background. Having a border does help give that contrast. This applies even to a projector screen which tend to have black borders to make that black appear more black. For borderless TVs you can achieve the same effect by having it installed in front of a dark background wall / piece of furniture.

As regards Sceptre Rimless HDTVs, let’s see how it stacks up.

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