Seagate support for standard content protection UltraViolet

Seagate has announced that it has become a member of Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE). Which is an open consortium of movie studios (Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers, Fox Studios, Paramount Pictures, etc.) and technology companies (LG, Samsung, Sony Electronics, and others), which develops and markets technology UltraViolet.

Seagate UltraViolet

UltraViolet is positioned as a cloud solution for user access to belonging to it, DRM-protected digital content: movies, TV shows, music. After a one-time adding content to your account, UltraViolet users can access it for viewing streaming over the Internet and to download to the local device for later viewing. Thus, the user will be able to access content from any belonging to its UltraViolet-compatible device: smartphone, tablet, PC, TV, game consoles, storage devices. Thereby facilitate digital distribution of content and increased ease of use for the end user.

As a member of DECE consortium, Seagate will offer their experience and accumulated technology solutions in the field of cloud storage and local storage devices.

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