Seamless media transfer using Eye-Fi Cards

I remember when I visit any tourist place, after clicking 40-50 photos or 5-6 media clips, I get an out of memory on my camera. This is very annoying and changes the mood of the whole trip. The reason is my laziness in downloading the photos and media clips from my previous trip and the reason behind me being lazy is every time I need to find my USB cable to connect my camera to laptop and transfer photos and video clips on to the hard drive. I am sure this happens with most of us.

This will be simplified by the Eye-Fi cards where one can transfer photos or the media clips without using wires. With Wi-Fi connectivity, the data can be transferred easily from camera to your PC hard drive. The Eye-Fi card is a simple memory card with built in Wi-Fi capability. When there is no space in the memory card of your digital camera your Digital camera will become a wireless device to transfer the photos and media clip and free up the memory.

Eye-Fi cards
Eye-Fi cards

Eye-Fi cards increases user convenience and does not take much of the real estate near your PC. You can use your existing wireless home network to transfer the photos and media clips or you can use an ad-hoc wireless network that is provided with Microsoft Windows or Mac OS X machines. Photos and Media file transfer is not the only function that Eye-Fi card support but it also can be used to publish photos and videos on Facebook, YouTube, Flickr and other social networking sites. The setup is also very easy.

Upload Photos using Eye-Fi Cards
Upload photos using Eye-Fi card

The Eye-Fi cards are affordable too. The 4GB Eye-Fi card costs around $70 with Google offering some discounts and freebees if you buy from their site. Google offers 200GB space also on Picasa Web if you purchase Eye-Fi card from them. They do charge annual maintenance charge for your Picasa Web account though; which is $50 per year.

So the Eye-Fi card is good a gift item to someone who is a photography geek or you can also purchase it for your own to make your life easier.

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