Sharkoon Vertical Docking cases for external drives: Review & Specs

Sharkoon Company introduced two cases for external drives – Sharkoon Vertical Docking. These devices are designed to allow easy connection of hard drives for computers or laptops.

Sharkoon Vertical Docking

Both Sharkoon Vertical Docking cases are equipped with new items presented high-speed interface connection USB3.0. However, it is intended only for the transmission of data, and to supply the energy storage device has a separate power supply unit connected to the outlet.

Model Sharkoon Vertical Docking Single USB3.0 is designed for installation of one 3.5-inch hard disk drive interface SATA, while the device Sharkoon Vertical Docking Duo USB3.0 allows you to install two of these hard drives. Hard disk trays support the ability to be blocked to prevent unwanted extraction drives outsiders. The package includes two keys. The decision for a single hard drive is available 40-mm fan. The device has dimensions of 212x44x129 mm and weight of 650 g, model Vertical Docking Duo USB3.0 comes with dimensions 222x83x134 mm and weight of 860 g is equipped with a 50-mm fan. Both new products are available in black color performance hull and contain LED activity indicators.

New housing for external drives Sharkoon Vertical Docking Single USB3.0 and Vertical Docking Duo USB3.0 should be on sale soon at a recommended retail price of € 35 and € 60, respectively.

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