Sharp Aquos SH-10D: Specs & Features

Just a day before, an upcoming superior smartphone was leaked and this leaked smartphone is looking pretty massive in images and specifications. In this case, we are talking about Sharp Aquos SH-10D smartphone. Below specs and features of this Sharp Aquos SH-10D smartphones are discussed.

Sharp Aquos SH-10D
A few days after the conclusion of the IFA , many companies have already released some of its smartphone before submission. And just a day before Sharp Aquos SH-10D smartphone is leaked. The terminal is in question, if these features are ultimately real, we will face a smartphone that could be within range medium-high. This Sharp Aquos SH-10D smartphone will show full potential through a screen that will reach a total size of 4.5 inches. In the depths of its core, it is pumped by a processor with a total of two cores reach a clock speed of 1.5 GHz each. Also on the back would come back with a camera that will reach the 12.1 megapixel resolution, complemented by one front of just 0.3 megapixels that would be used primarily for conducting video calls. For these features we could find a terminal with a decent camera, which could be within the currently most powerful, but still need to know what their perspective as well as other important parameters.


Sharp Aquos SH-10D


On the battery issue, Sharp Aquos SH-10D opts for a total capacity of 1900 milliamps, perhaps a somewhat lower capacity to consume everything that a mobile of these characteristics but enough pace to offer a range of one day with normal use. Another important concern is its weight, would not reach the total of 138 grams, which despite its considerable size of a terminal screen would light enough. Also connectivity that will be compatible with HSPA +. It was recently announced that it has successfully passed inspections by the FCC so the launch of the new terminal could be imminent. So far in a short time they have announced that this Sharp Aquos SH-10D will be available in the United States, and we do not know where it will extend its marketing. We also don’t know which version of android will come in this phone, but everything points to its characteristics, that Sharp Aquos SH-10D that it will be released directly with Ice Cream Sandwich.

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