Sharp PN-K321 32” IGZO monitor with 4K resolution: Specs & Featues

Sharp has just announced its new monitor Sharp PN-K321 as the first family IGZO with 4K resolution, that is, nothing more and nothing less than equal to 4 FullHD screens, i.e. 3,840 x 2,160 pixels at 32 inches diagonally.

Sharp PN-K321
Sharp begin to take full advantage of their technological jewel, and display panels IGZO ( Indium gallium zinc oxide: a semiconductor material that basically replaced by an amorphous silicon active layer of an LCD screen) with advantages such as lower consumption energy, particularly a smaller thickness and increased pixel density, 137.68 dpi which is a record for 32inches display panel, and Sharp PN-K321 achieved this record without any doubt.

The Company intends sublicense this technology for use in a wide range of devices especially in ultrabooks and also in proprietary products such as the computer monitor.

A stunning model in the native resolution highlighting features it offers and it reaches the ‘Ultra High Definition’ 4K. With availability in January, its price is also impressive, 450,000 yen (4,500 euros) designed especially for use in professional workstations but expected more modest models for the consumer market.

This was all regarding the upcoming Sharp PN-K321 UHD monitor which is specially designed for professional to work in the ultra HD environment, stay tuned with us for more updates regarding ultra monitor with 4K resolution.

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