Silicon Power V70 120GB SSD: Review & Performance

Delivered without software, this Silicon Power V70 120GB SSD offers speeds of 444.2 MB / s read and 179.3 MB / s write. However, it is slower than the latest models such as Vertex 4.

The promise

Power V70 120GB

To replace the hard disk of your laptop or your desktop machine, Silicon Power provides an interface with SSD Sata III and a SandForce controller. This Silicon Power V70 120GB offered in capacities of 60, 120, 240 or 480 GB, the V70 offers peak flows of 550 MB / s read and 500MB / s write. And here we have the review of 120 GB SSD.



The Silicon Power V70 120GB offers top speeds in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications: 554.1 MB / s read and 523.7 MB / s write speed measured with ATTO test. But these speeds are measured in optimal conditions rarely reached. For the transfer of large files in real conditions, such as videos, the Silicon Power SSD gives correct results with speeds of 444.2 MB / s read and 179.3 MB / s write. Scores, however, very different from those of the OCZ Technology Vertex 4 (488.8 MB / s read and 387.9 MB / s write).


Average speeds for small files

However, Silicon Power V70 120GB SSD is faster than XLR8 PNY (205.9 MB / s and 150.9 MB / s). For transfers of small files such as office documents, the V70 reaches maximum speeds in the average (117.7 MB / s read and 174.6 MB / s write). Finally, the SSD comes with a 3.5-inch adapter to install in your desktop machine, but unfortunately without software.


The verdict

The Silicon Power V70 120GB is consistent with what one would expect from an SSD with a SandForce controller but does not measure up to recent models such as Vertex 4. However, it is faster than entry-level models such as XLR8.

This was all regarding the Silicon Power V70 120GB SSD.

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