SIM2 Projector Fuoriserie Priced at $100,000 – High End Projector Specs and Review

My first view of a SIM2 Projector was couple of years back at a shop near London Euston. To say the least, I was blown away by the film picture quality and also by the price.

I’m lucky to have you, my reader, to be considering this high end SIM2 projector. Hopefully you are reading my blog from your own yatch parked in Monaco! If yes, this is the projector for you – priced at just a little $100000. This time writing again with the comma in the figure so that you can figure out that its one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000).

Jokes apart, SIM2 produces high end projectors that defines new benchmarks in picture quality.

SIM2 is an Italian manufacturer who are known for fantastic aesthetic designs and picture quality like no other projector.

SIM2 Projector Fuoriserie
SIM2 Projector Fuoriserie (source:AVS forum)

So, what is SIM2 projector Fuoriserie mean?

“Fuoriserie is an Italian term used to describe a custom-built, high-performance, exclusive and expensive car that qualifies the owner for his financial ability and his desire to stand out from the crowd—a car superior to all others. Fuoriserie also describes limited-production specials , which incorporate advances in design and technology. “SIM2’s new Fuoriserie projector fully embraces this production philosophy; it is the distillation of the pure essence of the product itself.”

It gives unbelievably high 5,000 Lumens output. Only 30 units will be made and will be available with SIM2 premier dealers only.

This top-of-the-line projector made its international debut at the one and only CES 2013 Tech convention.

SIM2 projector Fuoriserie – Final Verdict:

So my reader reading from a Yatch in Monaco, please go ahead and book one SIM2 Projector LUMIS Fuoriserie Priced at $100,000 for you. Other mortals like me, please have a look at other projectors we have reviewed here:  Epson EH-TW6100, LG Hecto Laser TV projector Review or even Epson EH-TW5910 Review knowing that there is no comparison between these with SIM2.

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